Florida Supercar Fools Blocked The Keys’ Only Highway to Take This Awful Picture

The local sheriff’s office is “looking into it” after the stunt caused a miles-long traffic jam.

byRob Stumpf| PUBLISHED Feb 26, 2020 5:23 PM
Florida Supercar Fools Blocked The Keys’ Only Highway to Take This Awful Picture

While money can buy fancy clothes, big houses, and expensive cars, it most certainly can't buy common sense. A group of supercar owners in Florida have sparked a police investigation after a video of nearly two dozen high-end vehicles obstructing traffic on a core Florida highway surfaced on social media over the weekend. Why, exactly? To document their disregard for the law with a full-on photoshoot—the sad result of which is embedded below.

The Facebook video, which can be seen below, shows a number of supercars and luxury SUVs stopping traffic in the northbound lane of Florida's U.S. 1 on Saturday on the 18-mile stretch that links mainland Florida with the Florida Keys. In total, we spotted 21 extravagant autos—this includes a slew of Lamborghini Huracans, a Lamborghini Aventador SV, a McLaren 570s, two McLaren 720s, a Range Rover Sport SVR, and at least a couple Lamborghini Uruses.

Many of the vehicles had their doors propped open and the drivers were taking photos of the debacle, completely ignoring the mess of hundreds of aggravated commuters, vacationers, and Keys residents stopped behind them.

Not only is the Overseas Highway the main route off the islands, it's predominantly one lane in either direction through this stretch, so even the slightest interruption to the flow of traffic can cause a pretty significant jam

via bossmansvj (Instagram)

The photo that was apparently worth breaking the law like this was posted to Instagram and later deleted (of course), showcasing the red Ferrari 488 GTB near the front of the pack, plus a small glimpse of the other supercars and normal-person traffic in the back. Many of the cars were customized and could be seen plastered across social media.

The internet’s response has been mixed-to-negative. You'll find a few people defending the stunt as harmless or somehow "worth it," but many others feel it was nothing but an egregious, idiotic display of arrogance. The video was quickly shared to the Idiots in Cars subreddit where posters immediately began to chastise the drivers and suggested that the act was compensating for the inadequacy of certain body parts. You can pretty much tell from our headline where The Drive stands here.

A spokesperson for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office told us that the department is aware of the incident and is working with the Florida Highway Patrol to investigate the matter. Although dispatch didn't receive a call while the incident was occurring, it was notified after the fact. They assured us that traffic issues—epecially those involving U.S. 1—are taken very seriously, but wouldn't comment on an ongoing investigation.

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