Russian Thrill-Seekers Compile Homemade Gymkhana Video Starring Toyota Supra Beater

Oh, and don’t forget the Soviet-era sedan. Or the bit about eating too many wild mushrooms. Only in Russia…

byChris Chin|
Russian Thrill-Seekers Compile Homemade Gymkhana Video Starring Toyota Supra Beater

Not all of us can be like Ken Block, making cinematic drifting videos in completely decked out and fancified Fords with loads of horsepower and modifications. But with a bit of MacGyvering and free time, one can come close, as this was the case with a group of Russian motorheads who tried to be like the Gymkhana master himself.

Those behind the YouTube channel Русская Джимхана, which according to Google translates to “Russian Gymkhana,” recently posted their take on a budget-friendly, high-thrill action sequence using whatever beater cars they could find.

The film starts off with a strange setting, somewhere in the middle of Russia, when a young lad ventures into the nearby forest to go mushroom picking. He decides to sample his harvest and, well, that’s when things get a bit weird.

YouTube - Русская Джимхана

The subject then stumbles upon a second-generation beater Toyota A70 Supra that seems to have found its way into the middle of the forest, parked and ready to be used at his disposal. After that, he suddenly becomes Russia’s rally and drifting hero. 

The Supra isn’t the only one that gets some screen time, though, as the main character also happens to stumble upon a crazily modified 1970s ZAZ Zaporozhets 968M coupe. The sedan was built in Soviet-era Ukraine and if one thing’s for certain, it’s that a mundane sedan like this was never meant for backroad beating—at least to this degree.

YouTube - Русская Джимхана

The video has around 11 minutes worth of cars being driven to their absolute limits, and unlike some other amateur drifting clips out there, this one has a story that’s been cleanly shot and put together. It’s also a perfect time killer for a lazy weekend or boring workday break.

Check out the wild footage below:

h/t: Motor1