Hyundai Will Give You $50 for Walking Into a Dealership This Weekend

You’re technically supposed to take a test drive first, but many report dealers just handing out Visa gift cards anyway.

byStef Schrader|
Hyundai News photo

Hyundai has given us plenty of reasons to come into one of its dealerships lately with its ever-improving

lineup of cars, but even if you're not in the market for a new car, you can still get $50 just for dropping in to an American dealership. 

Eagle-eyed Redditor SnowWhiteandthe62dwa spotted the promotion on Hyundai USA's mobile website. Near the bottom of the page on a mobile browser, you'll see a blue banner advertising a $50 reward card for a test drive. 

Screencaps via Hyundai

Click the banner, fill out the form, schedule a test drive, and show up to claim your gift card. 

The banner doesn't appear on my desktop browser, but the website still notes the $50 promo if you search for your nearest dealership. After you submit the form, the map showing your closest Hyundai dealerships has a banner offering a $50 reward with a test drive, although you'll likely have to call them yourself for an appointment and note the promo to get the gift card that way. 

Screencap via Hyundai

When you visit the dealership, they'll submit the form for the giftcard, which will be sent to you via email as a digital $50 Visa. Any store that can key in the a credit card number sans a physical card will take it, making it easy to use online. 

Back on Reddit, SnowWhiteandthe62dwa said that the promotion worked for them even though they weren't actually there to shop: 

I was straightforward that I have zero interest in purchasing a vehicle, and have no need for more than two seats. I asked if I could test drive their Veloster N, but made it clear it was just for the experience, and was politely declined.

Free $50 for walking in. You can't beat it!

Maybe they'll eventually get wise to the deal showing up on Reddit, but for now, it seems to work more often than not. Some Redditors reported that they were turned away when they made it clear they weren't there to buy a vehicle, however, as koenistigg notes of their experience on the thread: 

I made an appointment, walked in, and the first thing the salesperson asked me if I wanted to lease or finance.  Was honest that I wasn't looking to buy right now, just wanted to test drive so I would know what was on the market when I went to buy in the spring.  They then pretty much kicked me out and told me to come back when I was ready to buy.

Yet the terms listed on Hyundai's sign-up form don't specify that you must be actively shopping for a new vehicle—only to test drive. Others also reported that the oh-so-desirable Veloster N was hard to score a test drive of, as CatDelete explained: 

Just went, asked to test drive the Veloster N and handed him the paper. Guy was cool and was like you’re here for the card right? I told him yeah and he just put the code in and there was a “hold” on the only Veloster N there suddenly. Didn’t get to drive it but easy enough.

So, good luck. Tell them to give us the i30 N over here while you're over there.