Watch a Toyota Hilux Pull Off a Mind-Boggling Water Crossing by Fording and Floating

We’re pretty sure the driver and passenger needed their own snorkels.

byStef Schrader|
Toyota News photo

Ever get the feeling that your truck has become a boat? Not that I expect you too, of course. That's normally considered a pretty bad thing.

One Australian Toyota Hilux driver, however, certainly felt more buoyant than expected as he was crossing a creek on Blacksmiths Beach in New South Wales. Fortunately, he had enough momentum to keep on floatin' to the other side. 

Honestly, man, I think there's a Modest Mouse song about this. 

The video makes it hard to tell just how many modifications were performed to the Hilux or if the dudes knew exactly what they were getting into, but judging by the exterior, we can see a meaty snorkel installed to prevent too much water from getting sucked in the engine. Yet one spot in the creek was even deeper, and the rear of the truck started floating up from the bottom. That's usually a bad sign that the truck's occupants might need a snorkel, too. 

Yet these rowdy Aussie off-roaders persisted, carrying enough momentum through the float to eventually catch on the other side of the creek and drive the truck to dry land. 

You can just smell the success pouring out of their cars as they open up the doors and let a bunch of water out. Fishy, moist success. 

It's good to know the Toyota Hilux's indestructible reputation, as well as Australia's revered status as the birthplace of the hoon, are both safe and sound along with the occupants of the vehicle. 

Don't try this at home, folks.