Tesla Accepts Volunteers as Model 3 Deliveries Ramp Up

Tesla owners have been eager to share their enthusiasm with new buyers and are now helping at their local delivery centers.

byBrian Evans|
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Replying to an enthusiastic tweet from a satisfied Tesla owner, brand CEO Elon Musk announced that the Silicon Valley automaker is currently accepting volunteers at its delivery centers to help with the "intense" week that is ahead for the company amid booming Model 3 reservation fulfillment. 

Tesla has become known for its passionate fans through its many trials and tribulations, so seeing someone jump at the opportunity to assist and share their knowledge with others is par for the course, in a way.

Tesla hopes to deliver 7,000 vehicles in the Bay Area alone this week, according to an article from InsideEVs. The rise in deliveries also coincides with Tesla's quarterly surge to boost its numbers in the final weeks of Q3. In August, the Tesla Model 3 was the fifth-best-selling car in the United States thanks in part to its large backlog of reservations. 

Tesla has been able to capitalize on its progress following the production turmoil it faced at the end of the second quarter when it created General Assembly 4 (GA4), or the tent assembly as most people recognize it. At the end of the second quarter, Tesla managed to hit its target of at least 5,000 Model 3s built per week. Musk stated he hoped to double vehicle production during the third quarter.

It appears that at least one Tesla fan volunteered their time at a local delivery center as they posted their experience to the /r/TeslaMotors subreddit. The Reddit user, -QuestionMark-, stated the delivery staff at the facility asked them to talk to customers who were waiting on their delivery. According to their post, the Tesla team never asked them to fulfill any official tasks—only help entertain customers and answer questions while they waited for the delivery process to be completed. 

Tesla isn't the only automaker that has taken advantage of its fervent fan base. Subaru developed the Ambassador program to work with its loyal fans to branch out and engage with potential customers in grassroots settings. 

"Tesla owners who would like to help with Model 3 deliveries are welcome to come to our delivery centers and ask to speak to a Delivery Manager," a Tesla spokesperson told The Drive in a statement.  "They do not need to call beforehand. Owners are welcome to help by providing new owners with overviews of the vehicle and user interface, demoing the mobile app, and educating new owners about vehicle charging."

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