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This DeTomaso Pantera GT5 for Sale Is the Holy Grail of Panteras

This widebody version of the '80s DeTomaso icon is one of just 252 GT5s built.

The DeTomaso Pantera ticks all of the right boxes as a classic supercar: wedge-shaped Italian design, pop-up headlights, gated five-speed manual transmission, and a V8 mounted right behind the seats. It’s cool enough to compete with the Ferraris and Lamborghinis of the 1970s and ‘80s for a spot on every child’s bedroom wall, and still turns plenty of heads at car meets. Exactly 7,260 were built, 252 of which were more hardcore, more quintessentially ’80s GT5 variants—and one is currently for sale on Bring a Trailer.

This 1985 Pantera GT5 for sale is the product of DeTomaso’s attempt to make its iconic sports car more edgy, as evidenced by its factory wide body kit with extended wheel arch flairs, side skirts, air dam, and Countach-like rear delta wing. In addition, the GT5 sported larger brakes, larger wheels, and a nicer interior.

Our example here features a black exterior with Bordeaux leather interior. It’s a little rough around the edges, having gone through three owners in 38,000 miles. The 5.8-liter, Ford V8 engine was recently rebuilt and now develops just 287 horsepower, down from 330. Its five-speed ZF gearbox has also been rebuilt and is paired with a new Centerforce clutch. Other mods include an HID double headlight conversion, new coilovers, front and rear sway bars, and removal of the side skirts.

Despite the car’s heavy modifications and general wear, it currently has a $96,000 bid and is likely to climb well past $100,000 by the time the auction is over. At that price, it’s still more affordable than the equivalent Lamborghini Countach, and probably much easier to get out of.