Thieves Solve Eternal Riddle of How Many Oranges You Can Fit in a Compact Car

The answer: So, so many.

byKyle Cheromcha|
Thieves Solve Eternal Riddle of How Many Oranges You Can Fit in a Compact Car


If you're a fan of citrus fruit and volumetric puzzles, then we've got a story for you: Authorities in Spain busted a crew of thieves after they allegedly stole more than four tons of fresh oranges and crammed their loot into two tiny compact cars, Europa Press reports.

The crew of a cargo ship docked at a port outside Seville, Spain notified authorities when nearly 9,000 pounds of oranges mysteriously disappeared from the facility last week. Police officers on a routine patrol soon spotted a small convoy of three vehicles—a subcompact Suzuki sedan, a small station wagon, and a panel van—driving suspiciously nearby and managed to stop them after a brief chase down a dirt road.

Sure enough, the officers found both passenger cars stuffed completely full of oranges, while the van looks to be hilariously underutilized in pictures from the scene. There are precious few bags in sight, just a whole lot of loose fruit in every nook and cranny. The whole thing looks like an episode of Mythbusters gone awry.

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The five suspects, a couple and their adult son plus another pair of brothers, told police they had driven from "very far away" and had simply been picking oranges up off the ground as they traveled. (Hey, you can never be too worried about scurvy, right?) Officers arrested the group, who were all charged with theft.

The report leaves us guessing just how the crew managed to get the oranges out of the ship and into their cars unnoticed, especially considering the haphazard packing job. Apparently, not all heists are created equal.