Is the ‘Drive by Dunk Challenge’ the Next Big Thing?

We guess it’s better than some of the other “challenges” that have floated around.

byMax Goldberg|
Is the ‘Drive by Dunk Challenge’ the Next Big Thing?

There have been a lot of dumb "challenges" over the years. From the "Fire Challenge" to the "Cinnamon Challenge," plenty of America's youth have falling to the dangerous trends. Heck, even Barstool Sports was glorifying hitting your friend with a a golf cart for a while.

Finally, a slightly less detrimental challenge has entered the depths of social media and its called the "Drive by Dunk Challenge." The task seems pretty straight forward, drive around a neighborhood, find a basketball hoop in someone's driveway and dunk.

Yesterday Instagram user @t.currie posted a video of him going from house to house dunking and the video has subsequently been reposted by big sports outlets like Bleacher Report and the like. It is unclear whether or not this challenge will truly take off but we hope the participants put their car in park before hitting the rim.