Tuthill’s Latest Porsche 911 Safari Build Is a Rally-Ready Orange Rocket

The world-renowned builders of off-road 911s just wrapped up their latest project.

byKyle Cheromcha| UPDATED Jun 1, 2017 4:37 PM
Tuthill’s Latest Porsche 911 Safari Build Is a Rally-Ready Orange Rocket

If you haven't noticed, off-road Porsche 911 "Safari" builds are the thing right now. Not since the heyday of Group B racing and the brilliant Rothmans Porsche 911 SC/RS have auto enthusiasts been swimming in so many incredible rally-inspired projects. And now legendary U.K.-based workshop Tuthill Porsche, vanguard of the car's rally racing pedigree and builder of all-terrain 911s, just put the finishing touches on its latest creation: a one-off, Safari-style classic 911 for a lucky American customer.

Tuthill Porsche was actually involved in preparing the body shells for the SC/RS back in the 1980s, and more recently sent a veritable armada of their rally-ready 911s to compete in the East African Safari Rally, so all that experience went into building this orange beauty. The job involved "many hundreds of hours" of custom fabrication to bring the stock body up to rally spec, using the same techniques that got 15 of their cars across the East African finish line in 2013.

The resulting road-ready rally car packs upgrades like a brand-new suspension identical to the real Safari cars, a completely revamped electrical system, and custom-made brake calipers with fully adjustable bias, along with personalized touches like a body-color-accented interior and the ducktail engine cover out back. There's also a set of nudge bars if anyone needs, well, a nudge.

Tuthill ends its press release with a note that their cars are meant to be driven, which could be either an underhanded warning to the future owner or just an expression of their mission statement. Either way, we hope this Safari-style 911 sees plenty of miles—both on and off the beaten path.