Nissan’s Delicious ‘Smokin’ Titan’ Is a BBQ Lover’s Dream Come True

There are midsize trucks, half-ton trucks, and three-quarter-ton trucks. But then there’s Nissan’s smokin’ truck.

byJerry Perez|

Forget the 370Zki from this year's Chicago Auto Show, the Smokin' Titan is Nissan's hottest concept (quite literally) they've ever created, and it also happens to be the most useful. Because let's face it,  would you rather drive topless in the snow, or smoke a succulent pig while hanging out with your friends? Right.

Nissan unveiled the Smokin' Titan concept today at The Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Indiana, where folks from all over the country gather to see what's new in the world of commercial vehicle applications. And despite there being every kind of truck conversion imaginable on display, the Smokin' Titan was the only one of its kind.

"There are few things that go together better than pick up trucks and great BBQ. So finding a way to integrate the two was a really fun project," Wendy Orthman, Nissan Senior Communications Manager, told The Drive.

The mobile kitchen is based on a 2018 Nissan Titan XD Gas King Cab, which had its traditional pickup bed replaced with a custom flatbed with a built-in BBQ smoker. Behind the magnificent beast is an equally magnificent trailer, which happens to be the Titan XD's bed attached to a custom trailer platform.

In addition to the custom-built smoker, the front portion of the Smokin' Titan features three food prep stations, each one equipped with a double burner prep stove and high-end wood cutting boards. A clever self-contained sink and water storage system can even be interchanged with a Yeti cooler if more cold storage capacity is desired. Lastly, a fridge and a custom-built spice rack were installed utilizing the Titan's flat load floor in the second row. The trailer end of the Smokin' Titan boasts two Titan Boxes for dry storage, while a tonneau cover secures the entire rig when it's not in use. All in all, the truck has everything an enthusiast could ever need for a first-class tailgating; camping; or cooking experience.

We were curious about how the project came to be, and what inspired Nissan to build such concept (as we do with all of their concepts)? "Part of the inspiration came from getting to know Nissan’s North American VP of Trucks and Light Commercial Vehicles, Billy Hayes. Billy is a successful executive by day and an extremely talented chef by night. Most weekends he is smoking meat, vegetables, and sides of any variety for family and any friends lucky enough to get invited," said Orthman. 

"His passion for BBQ got our team talking about how enthusiasts often use pickups to haul their big smokers and wouldn’t it be cool to actually integrate a smoker into a truck and add all you need to make a truly mobile kitchen. We are pretty proud of the outcome and excited to share it today," Orthman said.

Is your mouth watering yet?