Woman Rider McNally-Bradshaw to Tell Her Story at Mid-Atlantic Women's Motorcycle Rally

Maggie McNally-Bradshaw will discuss how she became an influential woman in a male-dominant community of motorcyclists.

Kim K Gunderman courtesy of the AMA

A leader of motorcyclists in general, and women riders in particular, Maggie McNally-Bradshaw, the chair of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), will address the 26th Mid-Atlantic Women's Motorcycle Rally from June 21-23, in Front Royal, Virginia.

"I am looking forward to sharing my story about the impact that motorcycling has had on my life," McNally-Bradshaw said. "And I hope that through this event and others like it, more women are encouraged to take up motorcycling and bring others into the lifestyle we all share and love."

The number of women who ride is already increasing, and those women are encouraging others to get on the bandwagon, according to AMA Volunteer and State Chapter Coordinator Marie Wuelleh. 

"Although women remain a smaller percentage of the motorcycling community, they are a fast-growing segment with a lasting commitment to the sport and a strong desire to bring others into the fold," she said. "For a membership organization such as the AMA, this is important because these active women riders are some of our greatest ambassadors, and events such as the Mid-Atlantic Women's Motorcycle Rally put that passion front and center."

The Mid-Atlantic Women's Motorcycle Rally was created by Nancy Warren to establish a community for women who ride and allow them to share their stories and raise funds to support the needs of women with breast cancer.