Match Set: Vessels of Beauty

It’s the outside that counts.

byBen Keeshin| PUBLISHED Nov 13, 2015 11:03 PM
Match Set: Vessels of Beauty

The body is a just a vessel for the soul—or, at least, our messy, squishy organs. Sly Stone is simply a means by which his hair encounters the world; French fries are naught but an instrument of ketchup delivery; doughnut holes, spherical ships to bring unto us powdered sugar. We praise the sword, forget the scabbard. The container, utilitarian but unloved.

Or, not. Wilted on a bar stool after a day of work, many don’t pay attention to the glass that holds their precious whiskey. Highball? Rocks? Isn’t a tumbler what Batman drives? Who cares—pour that Devil’s water straight down the gullet. Norlan, a just-launched whiskey wares company, thinks you should pay attention. This is the Norlan Whiskey Glass, and besides being utterly gorgeous, it actually improves your whiskey experience. The basin might just supercede the ‘Beam: This glass directs ethanol away from the nose, leaving your face affronted only by peaty goodness. The internal shape makes for perfect swirling, should be feeling contemplative, villainous or both.


Perhaps, you’re feeling familial. Few vintage American station wagons made it through working life unscathed; unlike muscle cars, coupes or convertibles, wagons were thought of as mere transport. Vessels for tots of all ages, many eventually succumbed to wear and tear. Ignored and seemingly pedestrian, wagons got used up. But look at this Mercury. Though it’s name, Commuter, is entirely sensible, it’s a vessel of beauty. Straight chrome, perfect paint, a bench seat ripe for snugglin’—there’s romance here. For once, forget the kids inside, and admire this downscale school bus.