This Ferrari LaFerrari Stretch Limo Scale Model Could Be Yours

1:32nd the size of a full-scale rolling affront to everything Enzo believed in.

byWill Sabel Courtney| PUBLISHED Jul 29, 2016 8:41 PM
This Ferrari LaFerrari Stretch Limo Scale Model Could Be Yours

Did you miss out on the cut for the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta? Don't worry, friend. There's an even rarer variant of Ferrari's mid-engined supercar out there: this Ferrari LaFerrari stretch limo. Granted, fitting into it may be a bit tough, but just think about how good you'll look pulling up to a gala at that reading center for ants.

Blessedly, this 1:32 scale model of a Ferrari LaFerrari stretch limo is, as far as we know, not modeled on an actual LaFerrari limousine, as such a travesty would almost certainly have set the Internet on fire by now if it existed. The model, though, does appear rendered in a fairly high level detail; the engine in the back does somewhat resemble the LaFerrari's screaming 6.3-liter V12, albeit rendered in some sort of chrome-like substance rather than black metal and carbon fiber. There appear to be bucket seats behind both sets of gullwing doors. And in spite of the Australian provenance of the car, the steering wheel appears to be on the left, just as Enzo would have wanted...assuming he wouldn't have gone into a fugue state and smashed this model upon seeing it.


The eBay listing for the LaFerrari stretch limo describes the model as being sold as "PART OF A BUSINESS CLOSURE," though we can't help but wonder exactly what sort of business goes around making one-off models of stretched Ferrari supercars. A limousine builder? A toy modeler? A Stephen King villain who traffics in selling victims tiny versions of the items that scare them?

If you want to pick up this little four-seat LaFerrari, all it'll cost you is a mere $25 Australian—roughly $18 and change in 'Muricah-bucks, according to eBay's handy-dandy currency converter. There are still more than three weeks left in the auction as of this writing, but you should hurry if you're interested. We at The Drive might decide to buy it ourselves when we come back from the weekend, just so we can blow it up with fireworks.