De-Clutter Your Work Space With This Moto Gear Organizer

The three-in-one kit to alleviate your workplace clutter.

byMax PrinceNov 24, 2015 6:29 PM
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Working in a cubicle isn’t ideal. Working in a cluttered cubicle is hellish. Motorcycle and bicycle commuters know this well: The riding gear struggle could not be more real. Here’s your clever, modular, high-quality solution.

Check out this three-piece organizer from Aerostich. It’s an over-the-wall hanger, comprised of a mount piece, helmet holder and suit hook. It’s lightweight, roughly four pounds in total, with a built-in bottom shelf to stow keys and gloves. Total price: $120, a pittance for your workplace sanity.

Now breathe. Let the cubicle stress go. We wouldn’t want you doing something stupid now.