Design: Roll & Hill, a Fixture Producing New York City’s Brightest Lights

After six years, a Brooklyn company takes its illuminating wares to Manhattan.

byThe Drive Staff|

In the 1910s, Sunset Park's Bush Terminal hosted 10 percent of New York City's steam ships, 50,000 railway cars, and boasted enough space across 200 acres of warehouses to store 25,000,000 cubic feet of goods. Today, 40 acres of the original complex have been refurbished and renamed Industry City, a 16-building complex that hosts both The Drive and today's design focus, lighting company Roll & Hill.

Since starting six years ago, Roll & Hill has achieved cult status among New York's interior design aficionados. Employees make lamps and fixtures that, without delving into the caricature of steampunk, beautifully meld vintage details like brass and opaque glass with stridently modern silhouettes. Working with roughly 15 independent designers—among them Lindsey Adelman and Karl Zahn—founder Jason Miller crafts sculptural collections of bulbs, baubles, wands and wrought steel that emit lightseemingly as a bonus. Some, like the “Modo,” are extravagant chandeliers that demand a grand dining room; others, like the wooden “Bounce,” are fit for an end table.

The brand may be from Brooklyn, but it has its eyes on Manhattan. Since May, Roll and Hill has operated a three-story, 4,000-square-foot showroom in SoHo, so NYC's most famous borough has the chance to enjoy the company’s stylish wares.