How to Shop and Save Money on Car Insurance in New Jersey

Find the best and cheapest car insurance in New Jersey

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Drivers know they need to have car insurance and that being protected is important. But with so many companies out there offering different types of policies, how do you know what the best New Jersey auto insurance is for you?

With so many insurers out there, you might not want to spend the time to research different companies. After all, how different could insurance offerings really be?

The answer might surprise you. Even though insurers use the same types of information, such as where you live, your age, and your driving record in order to determine what your premium will be, rates can be very different from one company to the next. This is because each company decides which factors they want to prioritize when making the determination of what your premium will be. This can dramatically affect the cost of your car insurance.

How to Find Cheaper Car Insurance in New Jersey

Shop Around

The best car insurance is a policy that covers what you need, at a good price. The only way that you can be certain that you’ve found the best price is to shop around and get quotes from multiple insurers. This is an important step that you absolutely need to take when shopping for car insurance.

As noted above, while most auto insurance companies take factors such as where you live and what your driving record is into account when determining your premium, each company analyzes this information in different ways. Rates can vary from one insurer to the next, sometimes by a substantial amount. The only way you’ll find out how much that difference might be is to shop around.

See if Bundling Your Policies Is an Option

If you have other insurance policies, such as homeowners or renters insurance, see if you might be able to save money by “bundling” your policies. Insurance companies like customers to have multiple “lines” and encourage this by offering discounts to policyholders that insure multiple products with the same insurer. Check out Liberty Mutual’s bundled offerings or read more on the Liberty Mutual profile page on Clearsurance.

Ask if There Are Other Discounts

Has your daily commute changed? Are you working from home more and driving fewer miles? Are you willing to take a safe driver course? You might be surprised to find out what types of discounts are available to you. Ask your insurance agent or company for a list of discounts available to make sure you receive all the ones you’re eligible for. Learn more about driver discounts offered by Progressive.

Top 3 Car Insurance Companies in New Jersey According to Customers

Shopping for auto insurance in New Jersey is easier when you can start by investigating the top three car insurance companies as rated by customers on Clearsurance. These three companies all offer quotes on and are highly rated by their customers.

Below are the top car insurance companies in New Jersey that offer quotes on These are the top companies rated by customers as of July 2020. We’ve also included analysis of customer feedback, including common trends discovered in the car insurance carrier reviews.

Please note: In order to qualify for the list, companies must sell car insurance in New Jersey, have at least 25 car insurance reviews, and they must be a Clearsurance affiliate and offer quotes on the site. For a complete and updated list of the top-rated companies in New Jersey, you can visit the New Jersey car insurance rankings page.


Progressive is a large and well-known insurer with many insurance product options. Progressive has earned a score of 4.06 out of 5.00 for car insurance on, making it the highest-rated New Jersey car insurance company that offers quotes through Clearsurance.

Pros: Clearsurance customers mention Progressive’s transparent pricing and flexible billing, as key positive factors. They also like Progressive’s easy to use website and that the carrier provides a wide variety of coverage options.

Cons: There are no cons that are trending in reviews.

Progressive’s customers are a loyal group, and that holds true in Clearsurance reviews. An analysis of those reviews provided found that:

  • 80% state that they are likely to renew their Progressive policy.
  • 80% would recommend Progressive to a friend, and
  • 79% would rate their Progressive claims experience positively.

The Progressive review below highlights a positive experience that a New Jersey customer submitted to


Read all Progressive reviews on


Allstate receives a great deal of positive feedback from customers on As a large, national insurance carrier offering a wide variety of coverage options, Allstate receives high marks from customers in New Jersey and across the country. Allstate earned a score of 4.03 for car insurance on Be sure you have Allstate on your list of companies from which to get a quote.

Pros: Reviews on Clearsurance note Allstate’s transparent pricing and flexible billing options as key attributes along with a website that is easy to use and a variety of coverage options available.

Cons: Clearsurance’s analysis of customer feedback did not reveal any routinely mentioned negatives sourced from Allstate reviews.

Allstate’s customers are largely pleased with the customer service and coverage that they receive. This is reflected in the number of positive reviews the company has on the Clearsurance website.

  • 80% state that they’re likely to renew their Allstate policy.
  • 78% would recommend Allstate to a friend, and
  • 77% have rated their claims experience as positive.

The review below was submitted by a New Jersey Allstate customer and discusses the positive experience received.

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Esurance is a company to consider if you’re looking for car insurance in New Jersey. With a number of insurance products offered such as auto, home, and renters insurance, Esurance is widely available and a leader in technology. Esurance earned a score of 4.03 for car insurance on Esurance offers insurance quotes online.

Pros: It should be no surprise that many Clearsurance reviews from customers mention an easy-to-use website as a positive, since Esurance was one of the first companies to focus on online offerings.

Cons: One often-mentioned negative is that Esurance doesn’t reward its loyal customers.

Esurance customers provide a lot of positive feedback, as reflected by the following Clearsurance analysis of reviews.

  • 74% state that they are likely to renew their Esurance policy,
  • 77% say that they would recommend the company to a friend, and
  • 75% rated their claims experience positively.

In the Esurance review below, the New Jersey customer discusses Esurance’s quick response with an issue they experienced.

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Best Car Insurance for Military Members: USAA Insurance

USAA is only available for members of the military and their immediate family, so you must qualify in order to be eligible for the insurance. If you are, you’re in luck because USAA receives high marks from its members. USAA earned a score of 4.71 out of 5.00 stars for car insurance on

Please note: USAA is the highest-rated car insurance company in New Jersey, but it was not included in the top three list above because it is only available to active and former military members and their families.

Pros: In reviews, USAA members rave about the carrier’s discounts and flexible billing options. They also frequently mention transparent pricing as a positive.

Cons: In an analysis of reviews posted on Clearsurance, no consistent negatives were identified.

USAA customers are dedicated and loyal, and are very happy with the coverage they receive. An assessment of Clearsurance reviews revealed that:

  • 93% are likely to renew their USAA policy,
  • 94% would recommend the company to a friend, and
  • 94% rated their claim experience positively.

The USAA review below highlights a great experience that a New Jersey customer had.