Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams


Kevin Williams is a contributor at The Drive. He writes, researches, and produces off-kilter, less-traveled car content, usually about weird or a bit unloved cars from not so long ago. He lives in Columbus, Ohio. Alone. By himself. No spouse. No animals.  (He is allergic to most domestic animals.)


  • Expertise and interests include cheap subcompact cars, how to maintain them on a budget, and how to buy and sell hoopties with confidence. He’s heavy into sketching, 3D computer modeling, and the intersection of culture and cars.
  • Enjoys writing getting absolutely mired in the strangest, most obscure car knowledge
  • Previous work experience: Freelance articles at Jalopnik, Ohio Center for Investigative Journalism, Ohio Capital Journal


Williams started in late 2020 as a contributor for Car Bibles. Since his start, he’s written multiple articles on how to buy, sell, and recondition vehicles on a budget (Flippin’ Out), analyzed electric vehicle infrastructure in the Midwest, and might’ve gotten into a little tussle with Mary Kay Cosmetics.


Williams graduated from The Ohio State University, with a bachelor of fine arts in Art & Technology, with a minor in Design.

Words of Wisdom

“My mom told me to never buy a car older than yourself. Was this wise? I don’t know. It for sure affected how I look at cars, though.”


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