Here’s What a $12,000 A80 Toyota Supra Turbo Looks Like in 2022

The ’90s Supra is now a six-figure collector car, but deals can still be had in 2022 if you’re feeling bold.

byKevin Williams|
For Sale photo

Sad you missed your chance to own a turbo MKIV Toyota Supra now that people are paying over $250,000 for them? Fear not; some guy in Providence, Rhode Island’s got you covered. Listed for $12,000 on Facebook Marketplace is this melted, mangled husk of a car that, technically, is (was) a 1994 Toyota Supra.

Screenshot'd for when the listing goes away or if you just don't want to open FB. Facebook

We knew the used car market was bad, but man, I didn’t think it was this bad. Even with an open-budget Hollywood montage, Dom Toretto and company wouldn't be able to turn this car-b-que into a Ferrari-racing competitor.

Now back in reality, before we (rightfully) tear this absolutely asinine listing apart, we’ve got to give the MKIV Toyota Supra its due. It's a twin-turbo, rear-wheel drive coupe, with the legendary 2JZ engine that’s well known for its ability to handle modification. The first The Fast and the Furious movie catapulted the Supra MKIV into mainstream pop culture and solidified its fame among tuner car platforms. In the movie, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Brian O’ Connor (Paul Walker) restore a ratty MKIV Supra, into the movie’s main hero car. The MKIV’s legend has only swelled, and people are selling them for prices well into six figures. That same wave of surging prices has apparently even given at least one owner the audacity to ask $12,000 for a vaguely Supra-shaped pile of ashes.

See, in the movie, at least Brian’s Supra was somewhat complete. It didn’t run, and was dusty with a few smashed panels, but, this burned Supra is nearly unusable. If it were a small engine fire, then sure, maybe the Supra is salvageable and repairable. But this Supra looks to be completely ruined. The scant listing, if the link is dead by the time you find this post, mentions the car "had 505whp" but apparently wasn't running well enough to keep its combustion between its spark plugs and pistons. The car is sitting very low on bump stops that probably don’t exist anymore. No interior pieces are usable, even the plastic valve cover on the 2JZ engine is melted.

Extreme heat isn’t kind to metals (a vehicle fire can be 1,500 ºF) and it does more than just melt things—it can change the strength and properties of the metal itself. Judging from how burned out the car is, that Supra was likely on fire for at least a little while, and there’s no telling how warped, or weak the remaining metal is. Potentially, the 2JZ block or manual transmission might be able to be salvaged, but yet again, the heat from the fire may have significantly screwed with the fluids and metals in the transmission and engine. That left rear wheel looks like it might still be round, I guess.

But come on man, throw your trash away. There’s nothing left here ... but if you're really desperate to say you own a MKIV Supra, or you're looking for YouTuber fame finding "the cheapest one in wherever," here's your bait!

And of course, if you were looking for an excuse to revisit Toretto's Garage, here's that clip: