Which Brands Should Just Go Away?

There are nearly 40 brands that compete for your hard earned money here in North America. Which ones aren’t worth it?

bySteven Lang| UPDATED Apr 26, 2017 7:52 PM
Which Brands Should Just Go Away?

Sometimes a smart just isn't.


There are plenty of Lincoln owners who wouldn't be caught dead in a Cadillac. 


Chevy owners who wouldn't buy a Ford even if it was jacked up with  rebates and incentives. 


There are even a few highly deluded auto journos who just can't bare to bad mouth any brand or model no matter what. Although they tend to have their own thou shalts and thou shalt nots once they get their own paycheck. 

Wheel Wiser

I happen to be one of those few who believes that dead brands should just remain dead. Oldsmobile. Pontiac. Daewoo. Why bring back a brand that was at best a cannibal and at worst a bottomless money pit for all of humanity.

Every car guy or girl has that one brand that just turns them off.

Motor Trend

Yugo figure out which one's yours!