Hello From a Saab Rally Car

Salutations, and a moment acknowledging our shared humanity.

byBen Keeshin| PUBLISHED Nov 10, 2015 10:51 PM
Hello From a Saab Rally Car

Hello, it’s me, she sang. And just like that, after three musically fallow years, Adele was back, her cackle as piercing as ever, her voice every bit as strong. Stronger, in fact: Following surgery on her vocal chords, the belter added four notes to the top of her range. Though “Hello,” like “Someone Like You” before it, is ostensibly addressed to a former lover, the ballad is also a contrite announcement to her fevered fans: The Queen of Park and Bark is back. Her salutation soothed.

Salutes are important, especially across cultural boundaries. Humans have long struggled with xenophobia; sometimes, it takes nothing more than a friendly wave to neutralize creeping animus. In this photo, members of Saab’s entry into the East African Safari Rally blast past two residents of Masailand, who, undaunted by the coming dust cloud, throw up a hearty wave. Elizabeth Nystrom, of course, waved back.