Drive Wire for November 29th, 2016: Jeep Plans Six More Wrangler Special Editions

Because who doesn’t love a good special edition?

byThe Drive Staff| PUBLISHED Nov 29, 2016 6:44 PM

Today on Drive Wire we explore the ever-expanding Jeep Wrangler special edition line-up.

According to reports, Jeep will be unleashing six special edition wranglers before the JK bids us farewell. Although Jeep may be looking to a new generation Wrangler, they release the current gen is selling well and they want to send it off with some fancy decals and upgrades.

The first two special editions to grace the jeep community will be the Wrangler Sport Freedom edition and the Wrangler Sport Winter edition. The Freedom edition will come with all typical American goodies like a sweet American Flag decal on the front fender, a freedom star decal, and much more. The Winter edition will come with slightly pricier options like LED headlights, a hardtop, remote start and other cold-weather orient accessories.

Although this may seem like enough special edition wranglers to last the duration of the JK’s life, Jeep plans to release the Wrangler Sport Big Bear, the Wrangler Rubicon Recon, the Wrangler Chief and the Wrangler Smoky Mountain before JK-production ends.

With names like these, we wonder if Jeep just started throwing darts at a board. Whatever the case may be, we are excited for some special editions.