The Grand Tour Debuts Today!

F*@# YES!

bySean Evans| PUBLISHED Nov 17, 2016 4:24 PM
The Grand Tour Debuts Today!

Today’s the day. The Grand Tour hits Amazon Prime today. Seriously. We’re less than 12 hours from seeing Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May again grace our screens. Sure, we’ve all made a big deal about it coming on November 18th, though, as Jalopnik pointed out, no one from Amazon said precisely what time on November 18th. Yesterday, The Grand Tour Twitter account confirmed that it would launch at 00:01 GMT.

Allow us to spare you from Googling things like “What does GMT mean?” and “Difference between my time zone and GMT,” and all the ensuing maths. The Grand Tour will arrive on 7:01 PM EST tonight. Which means, if you hurry, you can make it to the West Coast and watch it three hours before the rest of the nation! Go on. Leave right now. The bragging rights will be well worth it.

Can’t wait until later? You can pass some of the time by watching this ungodly awkward interview from the BBC’s The One Show, in which James May and Richard Hammond appear to promote their Amazon series. It takes all of 48 seconds for it to become glaringly obvious just how much the BBC hates the The Grand Tour. For their entrance, the dull chat show forced the duo to enter inside a shambles of a cardboard car.

For their part, Hammond and May are largely gracious, though they manage to slip in a fair amount of slights to their former network. The best? That they refuse to ever admit they had a show before. Take this exemplary quote from Hammond: “The show that we never did, but if we had done, would’ve had global appeal...”