Drive Wire for October 12, 2016: BMW Reveals Shapeshifting, Self-Balancing Motorcycle

It's just a concept for now, however.

Hey there. Will Sabel Courtney here for Drive Wire on October 12th, 2016.

Today on Drive Wire: BMW has unveiled a motorcycle designed to represent the company’s view of the future of riding.

The Motorrad Vision Next 100 concept, as BMW calls it, is a pie-in-the sky piece of futuristic design.

Instead of a traditional suspension or steering apparatus, the bike itself bends as needed, always staying upright. The tires also morph as needed, changing their tread on the fly for the best grip.

BMW says that between the self-balancing features and the futuristic aerodynamics, riders could safely use the Motorrad Next 100 without protective outwear – or even a helmet.

Don’t expect to see this bike in your BMW showrooms anytime soon. Like the Next 100 vehicles created for Rolls-Royce, Mini, and BMW’s car division, this Motorrad is strictly vaporware designed to stir up imaginations and provide a preview into the potential future.

That’s it for Drive Wire on October 12th, 2016. I’m Will Sabel Courtney; thanks for watching, and please check out The Drive for more on the big stories from the transportation world.