Drive Wire: April 22, 2016

BMW’s new 7-series, VW scandal news, Mustang’s success, a garden monitor, and even more drifting.

byThe Drive Staff| PUBLISHED Apr 22, 2016 3:43 PM
Drive Wire: April 22, 2016

Hey guys, it’s Marisa Hunter and this is Drive Wire for Friday, April 22.

BMW is wishing itself a happy hundredth birthday this year with a special edition of the 7-series. As much as the new 7 series has a clean design, its clunky name - the BMW Individual 7 Series The Next Hundred Years – doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. But thanks to the 6.6 liter twin turbo V12, it quickly rolls off the line. Only 100 will be sold worldwide, and only 5 in the US. Inside, the interior is off-white leather and piano black trim, with all the mandatory anniversary badges you’d expect. Pricing was not announced, because that’s taboo on a car like this, but we’re assuming all these fine BMWs are already destined for good homes.

Turning to the scandal that seemingly never ends, Volkswagen is now in US court and talking terms of its settlement in the diesel cheating fiasco. This will take some time to play out, but regardless of what happens on the consumer end, Volkswagen could still face federal fines of over $18 billion.

Looks like America has muscled its way into the hearts of the world or at least car lovers. the Mustang is now the global sales leader among sports cars, with 140,000 sold from Milwaukee to Malta. It’s been a little over a year since Ford began selling the Mustang worldwide, and it seems to be a hit. Domestically it’s been a runaway smash, too – customers bought as many Mustangs last month as Camaros and Challengers put together. Also cool – 30,000 of those hundred 40,000 global sales were convertibles, which makes the Mustang one of the more popular choices for drop-tops on this earth as well. 

Turning to gear, we have a more quiet and contemplative gadget than usual for us. it’s the Edyn Garden Monitor, which works with your phone to track moisture, sunlight, soil nutrients, and more. Once collected, the info is cross referenced against a database of your plants to make sure everything’s growing smoothly. The Edyn saves time, effort, and worry and, eventually, even trips to the farmer’s market. Check it out at

In today’s ridiculous video we enjoy the sweet, sweet sight of heavily modified imports going sideways at high speeds. Now, we know we have featured similar videos before but just like snowflakes, each drift video is different and beautiful in its own right. It’s times like these we contemplate quitting our jobs at The Drive and becoming professional drifters – but then we realize we have no talent, so we’ll see you next week.

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