Mercedes-Benz Teases Redesigned A-Class Ahead of February Debut

The new baby Benz poses for a dimly lit portrait.

Daimler AG

Previously providing an unobstructed look at its interior back in November, Mercedes-Benz is continuing to hype up its next-generation A-Class luxury hatchback. In a photo reminiscent of the teaser for Merc's CLS, the new baby Benz poses for a dimly lit portrait, predictably previewing a miniaturized version of the company's arrow-LED'd, wide-mouthed corporate face.

Pegged for a debut scheduled on Feb. 2, the new A (from the front, at least) looks to sport a more mature demeanor. It appears to be more like a shrunken E-Class or CLS than the "hatchback by Mercedes" that characterized its predecessor. The new car will attempt to give the brand's entry-level model a slightly more upmarket vibe—a vibe that, in case you missed it, is carried on in the compact Benz's cabin. 

For lead-footed A-Class customers, an A45 AMG with more than 400 horsepower is expected to be available. Also confirmed is a hot-but-not-quite-as-hot A35 AMG for those who like the idea of the surely manic A45 but want something a little more accessible, both financially and performance-wise. 

Poised to compete against the BMW 2 Series, Audi A3, and upmarket flavors of VW Golf, the new Mercedes A-Class will show its face this coming Friday.