Ford is Auctioning What Might Be the First New Bullitt Mustang Next Week

We have no confirmation, but lots of telling clues.

byEric Brandt| UPDATED Jan 8, 2018 5:29 PM
Ford is Auctioning What Might Be the First New Bullitt Mustang Next Week

Get ready for some wild speculation because Ford has dropped a big hint about the heavily rumored Bullitt version of the current-generation S550 Mustang. In fact, it was such a big hint that it has since been redacted in order to keep some secrecy around the mystery Mustang it’s auctioning at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Friday, Jan. 19.

Lot #3006 of the auction is named “Ford Charity Vehicle” and the only picture of the car is the dark picture below of what looks an awful lot like the 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback that Steve McQueen famously drove in the 1968 film "Bullitt." There have been a couple of rumors and sightings of concept drawings and even a real car that could possibly, potentially, maybe be a new Bullitt Mustang wearing distinct Dark Highland Green paint like the one in the movie. This year would be a great year to have another Bullitt version of the car considering it’s the 50th anniversary of the movie.


So, what makes us think this could be a Bullitt Mustang? According to the folks at the Mustang6G forum, this listing originally read as follows; “Ford Motor Company will auction a special new Ford Mustang to be sold with 100 [percent] of the hammer price benefiting Boys Republic.”

Boys Republic is not just a South Korean boy band, but a private school (formerly an all-boys school) for troubled adolescents in Chino Hills, California founded in 1907. One of the troubled youth who spent some time at Boys Republic was none other than Steve McQueen who often donated to the school throughout his career and served as an honorary chairman. McQueen was such a big part of Boys Republic that the school hosts an annual Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show as a fundraiser.

Boys Republic and the Ford Mustang are two things very closely associated with Steve McQueen and, by association, the "Bullitt" film. Either Ford or Barrett-Jackson eventually noticed what a tease it was to put that in the description and has since changed it to simply saying the proceeds from the car would benefit “charity.”

“We don’t have any Mustang news to share at the moment,” said Ford in an email to The Drive when we reached out asking for more information about the mystery Mustang. We’re so close to a confirmation that we can almost smell the tire smoke.