Mississippi Is the State With Most Fatal Crashes During the Holidays

Rhode Island is the safest for motorists at this time of the year, according to an analysis of government data.

byKate Gibson| UPDATED Dec 21, 2017 11:33 AM
Mississippi Is the State With Most Fatal Crashes During the Holidays

As millions of Americans ready to hit the road to visit families and friends for the holidays, a sobering thought to bear in mind is an annual increase in highway fatalities at this time of the year.

And, while winter weather is cause for concern when it comes to driving, it turns out that states that don't tend to have to deal with snow and sleet have higher rates of fatal crashes. 

A study of fatal accident data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration during the holidays in 2016 shed light on just how dangerous holiday driving an be. In addition, the research pinpointed where travelers face the greatest and least risk throughout the country.

In tallying the number of fatal accidents per capita that happened during last year's holidays, the South bore the brunt of tragic outcomes, according to the analysis by Avvo, a provider of information about attorneys throughout the U.S.

Mississippi led all states in fatal crashes during the holidays, with more than two accidents per 100,000 residents. Strikingly high rates were also found in Alabama, Arkansas, and South Carolina.

Conversely, the Northeast and Midwest were relative safe havens. Rhode Island was the safest state for holiday driving, with Washington the safest state on the West Coast for motorists venturing out during the holidays.