Audi Opens an Interactive Escape Room

Audi’s customer experience will provide a glimpse of its new electric car.

byHayley Lind|
Audi Opens an Interactive Escape Room

Car shows and museums are common ways for car enthusiasts to get their fix of automobile-related entertainment. However, in today’s technology-controlled age, customers want to do more than just see cars. They want to interact with them.

Audi recently opened an escape room, called the “e-tron room,” in which customers can interact with technology and robots, and get a glimpse of the company’s electric cars.

But before they can exit the room, visitors must solve a series of riddles to find a missing doctor.

If you want this experience now, you will have to travel to Spain. The attraction started in Madrid last month and moved to Barcelona Nov. 9.

Audi Spain released a teaser video, which features a robotic-looking machine that draws aqua neon lines and shapes to form an Audi vehicle.

“We think this is a fun way for the public to get to know the future of electric cars,” said Caíta Montserrat, head of Audi’s marketing department.

The Audi e-tron quattro, the company’s first electric SUV, will be released in Norway in 2018.