Ford May Sell $41 Billion in F-Series Pickups This Year

That’s more annual revenue from one vehicle than entire companies like Coca-Cola and Facebook make.

byJustin Hughes|
Ford May Sell $41 Billion in F-Series Pickups This Year


Ford's F-Series pickup truck has been the best selling vehicle in the U.S. for many years. Sales of the latest model got off to a slow start, in part due to fear and trepidation over the widespread use of aluminum in the body—a fear that rival General Motors strongly encouraged in its advertising. But these fears were unfounded, and the latest F-Series may be the best one ever. Bloomberg reports that Ford is on track to sell 900,000 trucks this year at its current pace. That's an average of more trucks in a single day than all Subaru BRZ sales during the first half of 2017.

“F-Series always plays an important role for the company—that’s one of our precious franchises,” Bob Shanks, Ford’s chief financial officer, told Bloomberg.

Shanks is right. Not only does Ford sell a huge number of F-Series trucks, it also makes good money on them. Prices range from $26,925 for the cheapest F-150 you can get to nearly $90,000 for a fully loaded F-450 Platinum, but most people will opt for a nicely equipped F-150 for around $45,500. That's $3,100 more than the equivalent truck last year. As a result, earnings are on their way to exceed third quarter expectations.

At its current rate, Ford will sell a mind-boggling $41 billion worth of F-Series trucks this year, Bloomberg reports. To put that number into perspective, that's more money from a single model than entire major companies like Facebook, Coca-Cola, Nike, and American Express make in a year, according to Bloomberg.

GM is tooling up to make some updates to its Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra for next year. These will likely help bridge the gap between Ford and GM truck sales. But at the rate Ford is going, it's looking like nobody can touch F-Series pickup sales.