Nissan Gives Away Free Gas to Promote Electric Vehicles

Electric cars are taking over, and Nissan wants to lead the conquest with free petrol.

People love gasoline. Despite manufacturers’ efforts to go green, people aren’t buying electric cars. Some fun earth-friendly cars have made it to the market, but the consumers are still skeptical. Buyers either don’t care about EVs or can’t afford to purchase one. 

Enter Nissan, bless its heart. The maker of the innovative, ahead-of-its-time Leaf thinks it has a remedy with its latest promotion. 

Nissan has announced its “Kick Gas” campaign in the United States to get buyers to consider electric cars. Locals from five northeastern states will have the chance to receive free gasoline at gas stations that Nissan has taken over. Residents of Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut should keep an eye on Nissan’s social media, and follow the #KickGas hashtag to see where Nissan’s giveaways will take place. This is a strange way to promote electric vehicles but it makes sense. Nissan thinks that recipients will have the opportunity to feel what it’s like to drive a car without paying for petrol. EV owners get to experience this sense of freedom daily, and Nissan thinks a simulation of this privilege is the perfect cure.

The promotion also advertises Nissan’s award-winning Leaf, showcasing how its owners can benefit when they make the switch from internal combustion engines.

The company will start the event this summer, and it will take place 3 times in each of the 5 states. Stay up to date with Nissan’s social media pages to see how you can get some free gas, and experience the power of the green side of the force.