Grandparents Try Focus RS Drift Mode

Hilarity ensues.

byMax Prince| PUBLISHED Sep 11, 2016 3:36 PM
Grandparents Try Focus RS Drift Mode

Sunday is Grandparents' Day, an unofficial holiday of blue plate special proportions. To mark the occasion, a couple of Ford engineers decided to treat their meemaws and pop-pops to an afternoon at the skidpad. The idea? Throw on helmets, strap those old bones into the passenger seat of a Focus RS, then give the grandparents a healthy taste of Drift Mode lunacy.

The setup is clearly a marketing exercise, but the sales pitching is kept to a minimum; the good folks at Donut Media have managed to extract results that aren't only palatable, but genuinely entertaining. Things take a delightful twist when everybody swaps seats, and the grandparents get a turn hooning the RS around. One of the seniors even has an adorable off into a gravel trap. Hot hatch noises, the elderly, and plenty of tire smoke. What's not to like?

Happy Grandparents' Day. Give yours a call.