Hero of the Day: Myanmar Master Fabricator

This lawnmower-powered jalopy is the bee’s knees.

Jason Sanchez

This guy, who’s getting the job done. The Drive’s video guru Jason Sanchez spotted this homebrew rig on the road to Yangon in Myanmar. He recalls:

“This thing was basically a lawnmower engine. I was on the road in a van with three Burmese folks, my wife, my sister-in-law and her husband. We stopped at a place that sold pottery, but mostly we had to pee. I heard the loudest, craziest lawnmower sound, and down comes this clunker with a few guys on it. It was not fast. At all. Running might be faster than this. But it was so goddamn cool. Total ruckus-mobile. Looked like the driver was having the time of his life.”