Ferrari’s Maurizio Arrivabene Is a Formula 1 Know-It-All

Arrivabene’s involvement with Ferrari may have originated on the corporate side, but he’s an F1 diehard nonetheless.

byJerry Perez|
Ferrari’s Maurizio Arrivabene Is a Formula 1 Know-It-All


Ferrari's Maurizio Arrivabene, much like Toto Wolff and other team bosses is a contrasting and complex character. He's the kind of guy who throws his hands up in the air and curses the mother of whoever just caused harm to his beloved scarlet racers. But, as this Formula 1 episode of "F1 Grill the Grid Team Bosses," shows this passionate Italian is also full of top-notch F1 knowledge.

Liberty Media has taken Formula 1 from the dark ages into modern times during the short amount of time they've been in charge, and one of the areas where the improvements can truly be appreciated is in the series' social media engagement. YouTube "shows" like "F1 Grill the Grid" would've never happened during the Ecclestone days, but thankfully that's behind us. Personally, I'm just happy to see not just F1 drivers, but also team bosses, engineers, designers, and many other folks interact with their fans.

Can Arrivabene be crowned the most knowledgeable team boss in all of Formula 1? Watch the video and find out.

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