Josef Newgarden Is the First Driver to Crash at Indy in 2017

A few others have brushed the wall, but Newgarden properly wrecked his car.

byGabriel Loewenberg|
Josef Newgarden Is the First Driver to Crash at Indy in 2017


On Thursday, Josef Newgarden took the honor of being the first to crash at Indy this year. Someone had to do it. It was going to happen. 

Thankfully, Newgarden walked away, only slightly dazed, when he got out of the car. 

Coming out of turn one after being asked to bring the car into the pits, the back end stepped out on Newgarden. At Indy—and other ovals—once that happens, it's pretty much a given that you'll hit the wall. And he did. 


The car whipped around with the front left hitting the wall at the start of the short chute following turn one. The rear left came next, as Newgarden was now going backwards. After sliding and spinning through the short chute, the front left followed by the rear left hit the wall again at the start of turn two.  

When you watch the video reply of the crash, you'll notice Newgarden had the presence of mind to take his hands off the wheel for both impacts. That's why they pay him the big bucks.

You'll also see the his body language as soon as he realizes he's going to hit the wall for a second time. That little turn of his head away from the impact is the equivalent of, "Damn it, again?"    

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Newgarden was cleared by the track medical center shortly after the accident, and will live to fight another day.