Watch Ken Block Do a Huge Burnout in His New Ford F-150 Raptor

It was "awesome," according to Block's kids. 


Rally driver and Gymkhana king Ken Block loves to smoke tires. It's basically his job. So it's only appropriate that he would christen his new 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor by doing exactly that and cooking off a huge burnout. 

A video uploaded to YouTube in April shows Block leaving a massive trail of smoke as he does an unreasonably long burnout in his new Raptor, right before taking off for a family trip. In the truest expression of Block's typical "ain't care" attitude seen on camera in some time, the rally driver does the burnout with his kids and wife in the truck—even with the children's bicycles hanging off the back. Though his rally-driving wife, Lucy Block, seemed to not really care, the smoke clouds left his children all riled up. 

"This is awesome," Block's daughter yelled. 

Hopefully the children had just as much fun on the road trip as they did while in the truck during the burnout. And yes, it is most certainly a good thing that Block doesn't have to pay for his own tires.