Driver Mistakes Accelerator For Brake, Plummets Off Retaining Wall

Hey pal, you may want to retake your driver's test.

News Compass/Youtube

Differentiating the brake versus the acceleration can be a tricky thing if you are overwhelmed. Actually, scratch that, there really is no excuse for you not to know where the brake and the accelerator are. Anyways, the video below shows an SUV plummeting off an approximately six foot wall into a parking lot below because of a little "brake vs. accelerator."

According to reports, no injuries were sustained during this accident, just damaged property and a bruised ego. That being said, accidents like this make you wonder why people don't have to recertify their license every few years. If someone is truly able to mistake the gas and the brake, they have no business behind the wheel.

As an EMT, I have been on countless call where similar occurrences happen and the driver willing ceases driving. Between driving into walls, garage doors, or even your significant other, the whole "brake vs. accelerator" excuse is really getting old.