Watch This Porsche 911 Spin, Nearly Slam a Barrier at the Nürburgring

Hold on tight!

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED May 22, 2017 8:57 PM
Watch This Porsche 911 Spin, Nearly Slam a Barrier at the Nürburgring

The Nürburgring consistently reminds us why it's nicknamed The Green Hell. Grueling on- and off-camber turns make it unpredictably difficult, demanding more out of drivers than nearly every other circuit. Heavy traffic doesn't help that either, putting higher classed cars at a disadvantage when maneuvering around sitting ducks in the corners. This Porsche 911 is case and point of that statement, coming in hot and slinging around a corner. Thanks to a nifty save and his lucky stars, the driver is able to steer it away from the wall and get it caught in the gravel trap without completely thrashing his GT3 into the railing.

This clip will make you especially anxious considering the subject at hand, a top-notch 911 of the generation. The Porsche's rear-engined layout does make it a bit tricky to control when understeering, easily sending the car into a tailspin. You can see that things start to go wrong once it clips the grass and shimmies sideways, throwing it over and jarring the curb more than once. The final trick lands the car in the rocks, throwing gravel all over the track as well as the car.

It's lucky that the other cars cleared the 911's path without getting in the way. If it wasn't for that, this could have been a lot worse and cost more money than we care to add up in repairs. Next time you find yourself on film, just hope that you don't have a fist clinching experience like the Porsche owner in this clip.