Watch a Crashed Honda Accord Coupe Dangle Off an Overpass

The driver must’ve been really excited to get out of that wreck.

byAaron Brown|
Watch a Crashed Honda Accord Coupe Dangle Off an Overpass

Car crashes are bad, but wrecks that leave you and your car hanging over the side of a massive drop have the potent to leave you mentally scarred even when you get out safely. Local news station NBC LA captured video of a Honda Accord Coupe hanging off a freeway overpass Monday in Corona, California, after the driver managed to escape with help from other motorists.

Syed Abdullah lost control of his Accord before it ended up dangling over the barrier on I-15 northbound, according to NBC LA. 

"I was just sitting there thinking for a bit that the car had crashed, and I didn't know how I'm gonna get out," Abdullah said to NBC LA.

Two people near the accident managed to remove Abdullah from his vehicle through the passenger door, according to the report.

Once California Highway Patrol officers responded to the scene, they were able to tie the Accord to tow truck to stabilize it and prevent it from going over the side.

"I'm lucky to be alive, definitely," Abdulla said to NBC LA.