We Gave Spike Feresten a Ferrari 488 Spider and a McLaren 570GT

Watch the comic and Esquire show host pit two supercars against each other…and Manhattan traffic.

bySean Evans|


I first met Spike Feresten outside of a tent in Pebble Beach this summer when we were both waiting for Jay Leno to give a talk. I struck up a conversation and found the erstwhile Seinfeld writer and current host of Esquire's Car Matchmaker to be an affable, fun dude who knew cars inside and out. I ran a little snippet of our chat as part of our Monterey Car Week coverage and emailed Feresten the story with a note of thanks.

Friendly guy that he is, a conversation ensued and when he mentioned that he would be coming to New York, I asked if he'd want to drive some supercars for a video. He instantly agreed and I asked for a list of his dream cars that he had yet to sample. His list was short but incredible: McLaren 570GT, Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R, and a Ferrari 488 Spider. He was expecting only one super coupe, but we finagled two, and surprised the hell out of Feresten in the parking lot of the Classic Car Club of Manhattan.

What ensued was an incredible afternoon of high-revving, throaty twin-turbo charged awesomeness, peppered with plenty of quips and zingers from the funnyman himself. See for yourself above.

This video was shot by Andrew Siceloff, edited by Erica Lourd and produced by Cait Knoll.