Self-Driving Cars Will Be Useful for Surveillance, Intel CEO Says

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich thinks autonomous cars could be good for more than just transportation.

Ever notice those license plate readers mounted around toll plazas and on the back of police cars? All those autonomous vehicles in the future may be a lot like that…but in far greater numbers. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich believes self-driving cars will useful for not only hauling goods and bringing families to dinner, but also for surveillance work, the executive said on CNBC Thursday.

Specifically, Krzanich thinks that autonomous cars could be put to use when children go missing or if police are searching for a specific car.

“I always say that the cars are going to be out there looking, so the next time an Amber Alert comes up and they’re looking for a license plate, the cars should be able to find that license plate quite rapidly,” said Krzanich on CNBC.

And the Intel executive doesn’t seem to have many major concerns about privacy issues this new surveillance method could create. 

“We’ll have to put limitations on it…We’ll have to encrypt that data and make sure I can’t tell that it’s John’s [car] necessarily,” said Krzanich.