Renault Built a 600,000-Piece Lego Replica of Its R.S.17 F1 Car

The 1:1 scale representation is on display at Renault’s L’Atelier venue in Paris.

byCaleb Jacobs| UPDATED Nov 29, 2017 5:16 PM
Renault Built a 600,000-Piece Lego Replica of Its R.S.17 F1 Car

Renault has collaborated with Lego to build a life-size scale model of its R.S.17 F1 racer, composed of more than 600,000 individual pieces. The long list of parts includes a track-used steering wheel and bucket seat as well as race-spec Pirelli tires, all combined with building blocks supplied by the legendary toy company. It will be put on display at the Renault L'Atelier venue in Paris, celebrating the Enstone-based team's performance during the 2017 season. 

The project is set to be revealed Nov. 30 as part of a Christmas-themed jubilee at one of the manufacturer's largest dealerships. It will sit with a collection of other Renault greats as well, putting a sizable collection on display at the event. It's all been put together to commemorate 40 years of Renault Sport during the holiday season.

Just like the real F1 car, it spans 5.4-meters long and features keen details that are specific to the R.S.17. 

"For many people, Formula 1 is a dream world to which they can only get close thanks to television coverage of races," said L’Atelier Renault’s General Manager Patrice Baheux. "At Renault Sport Formula One Team, our motto is “making the impossible possible”, and we strive to apply this to everything we do. Lego, a brand familiar to all, has given us an opportunity to open the doors to the exceptional world of F1. We’re very proud of the result!"

L'Atelier Renault will, of course, offer its other amenities including a cafe, gift store, and showroom for new car sales during the event. 

While this is certainly one of the most intricate Lego recreations, it's not the only one to be constructed by a major automaker. Earlier in the year, McLaren built a 720S entirely out of the plastic blocks in front of a live crowd at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Pair this together with the stellar Group B rally Lego set and you'll have a collection to be jealous of.