GRIP THIS: The Ultra-High Performance tire that’s ideal for summer conditions

Nothing has to slow you down.

When the summertime hits, you’ll know what’s up. The sun will be shining bright, the air will be warm and soft, and you’ll be jonesing to hit the track or the open road and really let loose. To hell with slowing down: You’ll want to push that throttle and navigate that bend with your Ultra-High Performance (UHP) vehicle in a way that gets you all sorts of fired up. That’s why you have a sports car, after all. What you need are tires that are made for the moment, and Continental’s ExtremeContact™ Sport02 is designed just for you.

The ExtremeContact™ Sport02 is an upgrade that takes Ultra-High Performance to the next level. These tires are engineered to be even more dynamic than the original ExtremeContact™ Sport by providing more responsive handling, better grip on wet roads, and extended tread life. They can even give you a dry-handling lap time of up to one second faster. There’s a reason the ExtremeContact™ Sport02 is the preferred tire of ROUSH Performance, BMW Performance Driving School, and AMG Driving Academy. Why do you think those brands would trust anything less than Continental on their Ultra-High Performance vehicles? Do you even need to consider the question?

With this Continental Tire UHP, you can feel free to linger in the left lane a little while longer, to lean on the gas somewhat harder, to take that turn a wee bit faster. The ExtremeContact™ Sport02 tires are equipped with water-evacuation channels to keep you driving with confidence. Which is exactly what you want during those hot, hazy summer months.

The ExtremeContact™ Sport02 is customized to create superior dry and wet handling, and excellent dry and wet braking. These tires have exceptional tread life and track-proven performance. They are also designed for passenger cars, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re pushing a performance coup, sedan, or muscle car. They’re also ideal for both the street and the track, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re road tripping, commuting to and from work, or looking to get in a good track day. With features including Continental’s SportPlus Technology and Tuned Performance Indicators, the ExtremeContact™ Sport02 is specifically created to blow right through the summertime.

Why settle for inferior tires that can’t handle exactly what the ExtremeContact™ Sport02 can do? We’re talking about your beast here. You have a car that’s responsive to your needs, so why not outfit it with tires that can handle that, too? Those ordinary, run-of-the-mill all-seasons aren’t going to allow you to floor it the way you really want to floor it. Oh, and don’t worry about what kind of Ultra-High Performance vehicle you’ve got: The ExtremeContact™ Sport02 tires might all feature a treadwear of 340 and an asymmetric tread pattern, but they’re also available with an aspect ratio ranging from 25 to 55, and for rim diameters ranging from 15 to 21 inches. Despite what you may have heard, size really doesn’t matter.

A dynamic driving experience demands reliability. Continental’s ExtremeContact™ Sport02 tires also come standard with an unheard-of 30,000-mile warranty and a 60-day trial. Try it for yourself. Once you’ve popped these bad boys on and felt the difference these tires can make for your driving experience, you’ll wonder why summertime was so slow in getting here.

Sponsored by Continental Tire.