Best Rechargeable Headlamp: Illuminate Your Working Area

A quality rechargeable headlamp brings brightness and convenience to your workbench and nighttime activities

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PUBLISHED ON December 19, 2019

If you are setting up a tent, working as a technician in the darkness, or just running at dusk, a headlamp is a must-have accessory. This simple light frees your hands, ensuring convenience for any activity. However, choosing the right light for your requirements is hectic due to the number of hands-free lights on the market. In this buying guide, we have reviewed the three best headlamps to help you make an informed buying decision.

  • Best Overall
    DanForce USB Rechargeable LED Head Lamp

    The DanForce headlamp is a super bright and high-quality hands-free light that produces 1080 lumens. Its four lighting modes (high, low, medium, and strobe) ensures adjustability to suit your requirements. It features an adjustable 90-degree headlight for directing the light where you want it.


    One advantage of this light is that it comes with a lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee. It is also built to withstand all weather conditions (dust, water, and extreme heat). Additionally, it comes with an adjustable and sweat-resistant headband for any head fitment.


    It takes a lot of time to charge, yet the battery may drain faster. Its zoom feature takes too many twists to get to a flood or spot mode. It does not have the last mode memory feature.

  • Best Value
    HeQiao Waterproof Camping Headlamp

    The HeQiao headlamp is an economical yet bright light that comes with three modes for customized lighting. It features 5000 lumens and zoom-in capabilities for enhanced workbench illuminations. Additionally, the light can rotate at a 90-degree angle for multi-angle viewing.


    The headlamp features an adjustable elastic headband for comfortable and easy fitment. It is lightweight for portability. It is waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor activities. It features aluminum alloy construction and 100,000 hours lifespan to ensure durability.


    Some users claim that the battery capacity does not last long after a full charge. Other users claim that the light might not be as bright as advertised.

  • Honorable Mention
    Foxelli USB Rechargeable Headlamp Flashlight

    This USB rechargeable light produces 180 lumens of super bright light for lighting your working area. It features a variety of lighting modes and a 45-degree tilting angle for versatile lighting. What’s more, the light can provide 40 hours of constant lighting after a single four-hour charge.


    It is waterproof and durable, meaning it can withstand rain, cold, heat, or a fall. It is lightweight and has an elastic headband for a comfortable fit. It comes with a one-year warranty and 120-day money-back guarantee.


    It comes only with a USB cable, but no adapter. Instructions warn users “do not overcharge,” meaning it may not have built-in overcharging protection. The light may not be bright enough for activities that require extreme lighting.

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  • When buying a headlamp, consider the available powering options. Most lights are powered by rechargeable lithium batteries, while some have dual-powering capability, meaning they can use either a rechargeable battery or a disposable alkaline battery. A dual-powered light is useful when your power bank dies out.
  • Consider the light with a versatile beam pattern. A flood beam illuminates a wide area but a short distance, while a spot beam illuminates a small area but a longer distance. It is advisable to get a light that can switch beams to suit different requirements.
  • Make sure the headlamp you buy is waterproof to withstand rain and snow if you plan to use it in these conditions. It should also be able to tilt from its strap to help position your beam where you want it. A good headlamp is also lightweight for portability.


Q: Why do I need a headlamp?

A:  A headlamp illuminates your working area without getting in the way. It comes with a strap to fit on your forehead, freeing your hands to do other things. 

Q: Do lumens matter in a headlamp?

A: Yes, lumens really matter when choosing a headlamp. They indicate the amount of light the light can produce. A low lumen count means dim light, while a high lumen count means the light is much brighter.

Q: How many lumens do I need?

A: The number of lumens you need in a headlamp depends on the purpose of the light. If your headlamp is for illuminating trails when running, about 100 lumens would be enough. If your light is for hunting or some other work that requires a high degree of illumination, your headlamp should have at least 300 lumens. 

Final Thoughts

After thorough research, we recommend the DanForce USB Rechargeable LED Head Lamp. It is lightweight, super-bright, and adjustable to suit your requirements. 

On the other hand, if you need an economical yet high-quality light that will last, consider the HeQiao Waterproof Camping Headlamp.