Best Snowmobile Gloves: Shield Your Hands from Single Digit Temps

Keep your hands dry and warm with these top snowmobile gloves

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Each sport requires the proper gear for comfort and safety. When it comes to snowmobiling—or any other snow sport—you should be adequately protected against the elements. We don’t want you losing a single finger to Jack Frost, so we’ve put together this buying guide to help you find the best snowmobile gloves to keep you warm on cold days.

  • Best Overall
    Carhartt Men’s Waterproof Insulated Glove
    Available in a variety of colors, Carhartt’s waterproof, insulated gloves are made from polyester and polyurethane.
    Equipped with FastDry technology, these gloves from Carhartt include a waterproof insert that will keep your hands warm and dry.
    Unfortunately, these snowmobile gloves are not machine washable, so if you do get them dirty, you’ll have to spot clean them.
  • Best Value
    LETRY Waterproof Unisex Winter Outdoor Gloves
    Water- and wind-repellant, these gloves are unisex, so all you have to worry about is ordering the right size to fit your hands.
    LETRY fits these gloves with anti-slip material and a unique three-layer design for warmth. They are also machine washable.
    LETRY only offers this glove in two colors: blue and black. If you’re looking for more variety, you’ll have to peruse other brands.
  • Honorable Mention
    MCTi Waterproof Men’s Cold Weather Gloves
    Lightweight, breathable, and warm, these waterproof cold-weather gloves include connect clips so the pair stays together.
    Reinforced fingertips allow you to do more in these gloves—like making use of the nose wipe thumb cloth. A built-in hand warmer pocket makes these true multi-use gloves.
    These gloves are not machine washable. MCTi also does not make these gloves compatible with touchscreen devices.

Benefits of Snowmobile Gloves

  • Protect your hands in numerous situations. Snowmobile gloves aren’t just for snowmobiling. You can also use them to make a snowman, sled down your local park hill, or carve out the ice for ice fishing. There are a variety of uses for snowmobile gloves.
  • Keep your hands warm and dry. The best snowmobile gloves wick away moisture and include handwarmer pockets. Experience the biting cold of a stiff breeze just once and you’ll realize how beneficial it is to have windproof and waterproof snowmobile gloves.
  • Improve your dexterity. It’s hard to get your fingers to work when it’s below zero. Snowmobile gloves give you additional dexterity when temperatures drop, so you can accomplish tasks without worrying about numb fingers.
  • They’re a great gift idea. Unless the intended recipient of your thoughtful gift never sees a single snowflake, snowmobile gloves make a great gift, whether it’s for a birthday or Christmas. Snowmobile gloves let the recipient know you care about their hands and keeping them warm in harsh conditions.

Types of Snowmobile Gloves


Many snowmobile gloves are insulated in some way or another. Some brands will have removable inserts made from various materials. Many insulated gloves are also windproof and waterproof. Insulated gloves aren’t necessarily thicker than your typical glove, although some are rated for much lower temperatures than others.

Two-Finger (Mitts)

Technically called mitts, two-finger gloves have a finger pocket for your thumb and a large pocket for the rest of your four fingers. You might prefer these two-finger gloves over a traditional five-finger glove if you don’t need additional dexterity. Five-finger gloves are much more common than two-finger mitts.

Top Brands


Founded in 1889, Carhartt is headquartered in Dearborn, Mich. If you don’t like our top pick but still want to check out what Carhartt has to offer, take a look at these Waterproof Insulated Mittens. They’re the perfect companion to fun in the snow.


Headquartered in Delaware and founded in 1976, GORE-TEX continues to offer its customers the best in winter gear. Its Men’s Glove with Removable Liner is just one example of its above-average products.


There might not be much snow in California, but Oakley has called the sunny state home since 1975 when it first offered customers a better way to beat the winter chills. If you’re a die-hard Oakley fan, check out its Men’s Factory Park gloves. 

Snowmobile Gloves Pricing

  • $5-$25: If you’re looking for an affordable pair of snowmobile gloves, expect to spend at least $10-$15. You’ll be able to find a decent pair of gloves that won’t necessarily be too thick. If you plan on using your gloves once or twice a year, this is an acceptable price point to stick to. 
  • $30-$70: For thicker, bigger sizes, check out the $40 price range. Many of these gloves are touchscreen capable, so you can share your adventures via smartphone as you glide across the snow. You can find both two- and five-finger snowmobile gloves at this price point. 
  • $80+: For the brand name and extreme weather rated gloves, you’ll be paying around $100. That means you’ll also enjoy the benefits of premium materials. Many of the snowmobile gloves at this price point also include extra features, so you won’t feel too guilty about spending over $100 on a pair of winter gloves.

Key Features

Waterproof and Windproof

There are a variety of conditions that go along with snow, including moisture and wind. The best snowmobile gloves are both waterproof and windproof. This means you can dunk your hand into freezing water if you need to and the gloves you’re wearing aren’t going to soak up moisture and threaten your fingers with frostbite. This also applies to wind.  

Touchscreen Capable

If you like to use your phone as you’re skiing or snowmobiling across a vast landscape, you’ll enjoy touchscreen-capable snowmobile gloves. These gloves typically have a thinner material that covers the fingertip region so that the pressure of your finger will operate the screen of your smartphone. Not all snowmobile gloves are touchscreen capable.

Other Considerations

  • Material:If you’re a stickler about what types of material you wear, check out what the gloves are made of before you purchase them. There are many different kinds of materials out there. Choose the one that fits your style best and remember that some materials come at a premium. 
  • Cuff Length: This is how long the material is that sits at the base of your hand and extends down your wrist towards your elbow. You might prefer a shorter wrist material length for a better fit or a longer one to tuck into your clothing. 

Best Snowmobile Gloves Reviews & Recommendations 2019

Best Snowmobile Gloves Overall: Carhartt Men’s Waterproof Insulated Glove

Carhartt Men’s Waterproof Insulated Glove

Carhartt is well known for its first-rate accessories and gear that help you conquer the outdoors. These gloves are no exception as you’ll see when we list the features that landed this pair of gloves our top pick designation for the best snowmobile gloves.

Carhartt’s waterproof gloves are insulated against the cold to keep your hands warm. Made mostly from polyester, these gloves include a reinforced polyurethane grip section so you can still be dexterous as you work or play outdoors. Its FastDry technology ensures that any moisture you might encounter won’t inhibit any of your adventures. Carhartt’s gloves feature a pull-on wrist strap that ensures your gloves won’t fall off. Available in a variety of colors, the Carhartt waterproof insulated gloves should be part of your gear if you plan on snowmobiling or just want to build a snowman in the backyard.

The one drawback we found with the Carhartt waterproof gloves is that they are not machine washable. This means that if you do end up getting something on them you will have to spot treat them to get them clean. Still, Carhartt makes a strong pair of winter gloves nearly anyone will find value in when the snow starts to fly.

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Best Snowmobile Gloves Value: LETRY Waterproof Unisex Winter Outdoor Gloves

LETRY Waterproof Unisex Winter Outdoor Gloves

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of gloves you can depend on when the temperatures drop below zero, look no further than LETRY’s waterproof winter gloves. Designed for outdoor use in a variety of situations, they’re our top pick for the best value snowmobile gloves.

We chose LETRY’s winter outdoor gloves based on a number of characteristics. First, these gloves are waterproof and windproof, which means you don’t have to worry about cold, wet hands in freezing temperatures. LETRY fits its gloves with an elastic wrist so you can cinch them up tight. Anti-slip material in the palm area means you won’t lose your dexterity, and the combination of fleece and cotton keep these gloves warmer. These unisex gloves are machine washable; just read the instructions carefully for the full care routine.

The only flaw we found with these gloves is that you can only choose between blue and black. If you’re looking for something a bit more personal or individual, you’ll have to find another pair of gloves to suit your needs. However, anyone trekking out into the cold weather will find a use for these winter outdoor gloves.  

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Best Snowmobile Gloves Honorable Mention: MCTi Waterproof Men’s Cold Weather Gloves

MCTi Waterproof Men’s Cold Weather Gloves

There are many cool features on the MCTi men’s cold weather gloves. This pair of gloves comes in two colors: gray and black. We feature the men’s gloves in this buying guide, but they offer women's gloves as well. As long as you measure your hand correctly and choose the proper size when you order, there shouldn’t be much difference between the two types.

MCTi includes an innovative, built-in nose wipe thumb cloth. Cold weather equals runny noses, so don’t let those sniffles turn into icicles. If you’re looking for some extra storage for a hand warmer packet, these gloves have a special built-in pouch. You can even keep valuables such as keys or your ID in there, too. MCTi makes its gloves breathable and warm with reinforced fingertips, an adjustable wrist buckle, and a polyester lining. Waterproof and windproof, these are great gloves to have when it gets cold outside.

Our biggest concern with these gloves is that they’re not machine washable or touchscreen compatible. If you plan on using your smartphone with these gloves, you’ll have to take them off to text or make a call. However, there’s so much to like about these gloves that we’re confident nearly anyone will find them useful. 

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  • Pack a spare pair of winter gloves in your vehicle. You never know when you might find yourself stuck in a snowy situation where those gloves could come in handy (no pun intended). 
  • If you plan on spending a lot of time in the snow, invest in a higher-quality pair of gloves. It’s better to spend a few extra dollars for a better set of gloves than find you didn’t buy a pair that will keep your hands warm in the coldest of temperatures. 
  • When choosing a size, lean towards one that’s a bit bigger. That way, if your gloves do shrink in the wash, you’ll still be covered. Your hands can also swell up as you sweat, so that extra room can be just what you need. 
  • Though many brands will specify that certain gloves are men’s or women’s, the true test comes when you try them on. If you’re not sure what size to get, use the measuring chart provided by the manufacturer or try some on at your nearest department store. 
  • Old snowmobile gloves that have seen better days can find a new lease on life as outdoor work gloves. Though they may not be as durable as gloves meant for harsh labor, they will keep your hands warm. 
  • When trekking through the snow with your gloves off, tie them together and hang them around your neck. That way they’re in a spot where you can reach them, and they won’t get lost as easily if they fall out of your pockets. 


Q: What materials are the warmest when it comes to gloves?

A: The same materials that work well for winter coats are the best when it comes to snowmobile gloves. For instance, a leather palm might not seem warm, but leather can provide insulation to contain your body heat.

Q: How do I care for my gloves in terms of washing and maintenance?

A: Read the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Generally, you want to spot treat any stains at the time they occur. Velcro can be much harder to clean, but the better you’re able to remove any debris that gets stuck in those hooks and loops, the better the Velcro will work.

Q: What’s the best way to dry out my gloves?

A: Read the manufacturer’s instructions to see if it recommends removing any liners in order to fully dry your gloves. Waterproofing extends to the inner elements in some gloves, so you only have to worry about warming the gloves up rather than removing any moisture that might have gathered inside.

Q: What are the best gloves for winter sports?

A: Snowmobile gloves will come in handy for nearly every winter sport, from snowboarding to skiing. Ski gloves are similar to snowmobile gloves in that they provide good grip, wicking abilities, and are made from high-quality materials. Some of the best winter sports gloves offer pockets in the back of the hand for hand warmers and other personal items.

Q: Can I use snowmobile gloves when operating my ATV?

A: Yes, snowmobile gloves will come in handy when operating your ATV. In fact, you can often use your snowmobile gloves for almost anything you do outdoors and in the snow.

Q: What is 3M Thinsulate insulation?

A: If you see gloves with 3M Thinsulate, know that they’ll provide extra warmth from the high-quality inner lining. Most 3M Thinsulate-equipped gloves will include a specific amount of the material measured in grams. 

Final Thoughts

We chose the Carhartt Men’s Waterproof Insulated Glove as our top pick for the best snowmobile gloves. It’s hard to go wrong with gloves you can depend on. 

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of gloves, check out the LETRY Waterproof Unisex Winter Outdoor Gloves. They’re a great pair to have on hand in case of an emergency.

Which snowmobile gloves are your favorite? Share your warmest picks with us in the comments below.