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Richmond, Virginia RV Rentals

As the capital of Virginia, Richmond is a city that’s earned a storied place in U.S. history. Virginia is home to a wealth of battlefields, historic spots, and even long-ago colonial settlements. Today a bustling city that’s surrounded by forests, free-flowing rivers, and plenty of historic landmarks, Richmond is truly a place you need to see for yourself. And Richmond RV rentals allow you to explore natural wonders, sites of great historical significance, and local gems right within Virginia.

From the driver’s seat of an RV rental, you can experience all that one of America's oldest major cities has to offer. A major player in the Revolutionary War as well as the Civil War, Richmond is a place steeped in history. But its location near some impressive natural wonders and breathtaking campsites makes for an excellent RV destination — one you may need to return to fully see everything within the city limits.

Popular RV Destinations in Richmond

James River

One of the first spots any RV camper will want to head in Richmond is the James River. This river runs right through the city, and it offers the rare opportunity to enjoy watersports and outdoor activities in the heart of a city’s downtown area. Considered the Richmond region’s greatest natural resource, the James River is a surprisingly gorgeous outdoor destination amid an urban environment.

When you visit the James River, you can lounge along its banks and take in the sights; you can also wade into its waters and swim. If you’re looking for more adventure, try kayaking or river rafting — the James River features class III and class IV rapids, which can give you a serious thrill. You can also follow any of the hiking, running, or mountain biking trails along the river’s banks.

Belle Isle Park

While you’re visiting the James River, make sure to plan a stop at Belle Isle. As part of the James River Park System, Belle Isle is a cool sight to see — and it’s even more fun to visit. It’s a literal island located right in the middle of the James, and you can hang out on the island while taking in the local sights of downtown Richmond.

Visiting Belle Isle Park is like stepping into a natural oasis. Easy to access via a pedestrian footbridge, you’ll find opportunities to ride bikes, hike, rock climb, and even lay out in the sun in warm weather on the isle. Made up of large, flat rocks, the isle also features wooded trails, historical sites, and fishing opportunities, plus a granite wall that’s perfect for climbing.

Richmond Liberty Trail

The Richmond Liberty Trail is a great place to step out of your RV and explore some of the best historical spots in the city. It combines natural sights and outdoor adventuring with the opportunity to learn more about Richmond — all while getting in some good exercise. The Richmond Liberty Trail is designed for walking, and it stretches through 6.2 miles of downtown. 

Along the Liberty Trail, you’ll encounter a mix of 15 national historic landmarks, local historic sites, and some of Richmond’s diverse neighborhoods. The entire trail is self-guided, which means you can follow it for as long as you’d like. You can walk portions or the whole trail, depending on what your biggest interests are.

Pony Pasture Rapids

If you’re looking for outdoor adventure while camping in your Richmond RV rental, you won’t want to miss Pony Pasture Rapids. Considered an urban paradise for locals, this unique outdoor destination gives you the chance to indulge in some seriously cool activities. Located along the James River, Pony Pasture Rapids is an area that features huge boulders and raging rapids when the river’s levels are high. 

Visit Pony Pasture Rapids when the river is under five feet, and you can slide, swim, and play in the rapids. Come by when it’s higher, and you can cruise the rapids for some real thrills — you can even snorkel. If you don’t want to get wet, you can fish from the shores or take in the awesome sight of the rapids and surrounding scenery from one of the hiking or biking trails nearby.

Virginia Capital Trail

Here’s another trail RV visitors to Richmond will want to try: the Virginia Capital Trail. Unlike the Liberty Trail, the Capital Trail is ideal for biking instead of walking and hiking. You can cruise at a casual speed or ride like a pro cyclist along this trail, which runs 51.7 miles long and covers four different jurisdictions.

Along the Virginia Capital Trail, you can choose to stay in Richmond or explore more of Virginia. The trail will take you to Jamestown along Route 5, famous historic sights, and even to other trails like Herring Creek and Four Mile Creek. You can create your adventure and bike for as long as you’d like, checking out some of the best spots from Richmond to Jamestown on your way.

Henricus Historical Park

If you’re hoping to indulge in some history while you’re in Richmond, a great place to do so is Henricus Historical Park. While it isn’t exactly an RV destination, it’s where you can step back into history and see what life in Richmond was like back in 1611. At Henricus Historical Park, you’ll commemorate more than 400 years of history in America’s second successful English settlement.

While you’re visiting, you can learn about the history of Henricus Historical Park during the first days in Virginia, the Revolutionary War, and the Civil War. As an important military outpost during these wars, you can cover a whole lot of history in a single visit. And you’ll love the views from above the James River too.

Events and Entertainment in Richmond

Richmond Folk Festival

The Richmond Folk Festival is a can’t-miss event for music lovers — but it’s also a rare opportunity to enjoy some awesome live entertainment without spending any money. While you’re camping locally in your RV rental, stop by this annual three-day festival, and you can experience a world-class folk music event featuring hundreds of musicians for free. As one of the largest events in Richmond, you won’t want to miss the chance to experience it yourself.

During the Richmond Folk Festival, folk musicians play on multiple stages throughout downtown, including on Brown’s Island and right by the banks of the James River. You can participate in cultural events and traditions, witness all kinds of folk performing groups, and even try out the local food and other festival entertainment.

Fire, Flour & Fork Festival

If you love trying local food when you’re visiting a new place, you’re going to want to make sure you plan your Richmond RV trip to coincide with the Fire, Flour & Fork Festival. This annual event is one of the top three food festivals in the entire U.S. and is all about the foods and flavors of Richmond. During the event, you can take part in more than 40 dinners with chefs, plus events like behind-the-scenes tours and talks.

Fire, Flour & Fork Festival is all about celebrating the Richmond region’s restaurants and foods. You can learn about 100-year-old restaurants, deep dive into the history of food in the city, and even participate in dinners hosted by out-of-town chefs. There are signature brunches, food and drink tours through the city, and other events like demonstrations, book signings, lectures, and more.

Dominion Energy Riverrock

One of the best events in Richmond is Dominion Energy Riverrock. Whether you’re visiting in search of outdoor adventure or simply love watching others try their hand at unique, thrilling sports, you aren’t going to want to skip this festival — in fact, you may even want to sign up and try out some of the events for yourself. Dominion Energy Riverrock is dedicated to the ultimate outdoor sports, and it brings together some awesome activities and great music.

Featuring events like mud running, slackline competitions, rock climbing, trail running, flying dogs, and yoga on river rocks, Dominion Energy Riverrock is seriously fun. You can compete if you aren’t a pro, and some events are even designed for the inexperienced, like kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and multi-event challenges. It’s the perfect opportunity for any RV camper to throw themselves into the natural environment of Richmond.

Carytown Watermelon Festival

You might not think of watermelon when you think of Richmond, but during the summer the city hosts one of the biggest watermelon street festivals: the Carytown Watermelon Festival. A tradition for over 35 years, this fruit festival makes for a great summer outing and offers a bit of everything for tourists and locals alike.

Visit the Carytown Watermelon Festival, and you’ll be able to cool off while trying local watermelon varieties along a half-mile strip of Cary Street. With watermelon bowls priced at just a dollar each, you can eat as much as you’d like. You can also check out other live events or try some of Richmond’s best local shops, restaurants, and downtown destinations.

Grand Illumination

If you’re visiting Richmond ahead of the holiday season, you’re going to want to make sure you’re in town for the Grand Illumination. A holiday tradition for more than 30 years, this event welcomes the holiday spirit and brings together the community with a tree- and city-lighting ceremony. During the Grand Illumination, all of Richmond’s buildings and the city’s Christmas tree are lit up with a gorgeous display of lights.

But the event doesn’t end there. You can also enjoy caroling, performances and live entertainment, and the opportunity to donate to the community. It’s an event that draws quite the crowd, and it’s a good chance to step out of the campground and get into the city.

Richmond Beer Trail

Looking for something that’s just for adults? Forget about having a beer by the campfire and instead check out the Richmond Beer Trail while you’re enjoying your RV rental. You can follow and participate in this event year-round, which makes it perfect for absolutely any visitor who’s looking to explore the city.

The Richmond Beer Trail is a list of the Richmond craft breweries, and it’s what earned the city the title of “America’s Beer City” from Thrillist. You can follow the dedicated map to visit all — or even just a few — of the stops along the way. You’ll get a stamp for each brewery you visit, and at the end of the trail, you can cash in those stamps for some limited-edition Richmond Beer Trail gear.


Q: What are RV Rentals?

RV rentals are kind of like car rentals. They allow you to easily “borrow” an RV anywhere you’d like to travel so you can enjoy campgrounds and life outdoors at your destination. Richmond RV rentals give you the freedom to use an RV locally for as long as you’d like, then return to the motorhome once your trip is over. It’s like temporarily owning an RV — but you get to enjoy all the convenience and fun of a motorhome without the high costs of actual ownership.

Q: How Much are RV Rentals?

Renting an RV in Richmond, Virginia will cost you between $75 and $150 per night, on average, to rent a small camper. You should expect to spend between $150 and $250 per night if you’d like to rent a full-size or larger motorhome. The price can vary depending on when you travel and how long you’re renting. Longer-term rentals, such as a week or more, can sometimes come with per-night savings and lower costs.

Q: Do I need to be a certain age to rent an RV in Richmond?

You’ll need to be 25 years old to take advantage of RV rentals in Richmond. Some rental companies may be willing to rent to drivers as young as 21 years old, but they’ll likely charge higher prices, extra fees, or require additional insurance. 25 years old is the standard for renting an RV.

Q: Do I need insurance when I rent an RV?

You need to carry insurance when you’re driving a rented RV — but insurance requirements vary from state to state. Ask the rental company what insurance is needed, and check with your auto insurance company to see if you might already be covered. You may need to purchase additional insurance, which you can easily add to your rental when you pick it up.

Q: Do I need to return my rental RV with a full tank?

You may need to return your rented RV with a full tank once your trip is over. However, make sure to check your rental agreement or ask the rental company to know for certain. Some rental companies require a full fuel tank; others may simply need you to return the RV with the same level of fuel it had when you drove it off the lot. You’ll likely be able to pay extra if you want to be able to return the RV with any level of fuel. The key is to just ask before you head out into Richmond with your rented motorhome.

Q: Are RVs pet friendly in Richmond?

You can find pet-friendly RV rentals. Richmond is a very pet-friendly city, with plenty of establishments welcoming dogs in particular. Just check with your specific RV rental company to make sure pets are welcome; otherwise, you could wind up paying extra fees for bringing your furry friend along.