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If you’ve never been to Fresno, California, you need to add it to your list of must-see cities. Located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, California’s most productive agricultural region is often overlooked as a top tourist destination, but it’s the perfect spot to plan your next RV road trip. The city offers a diverse and vibrant cultural experience unlike any other in the state; something fresh and different that you’ll be grateful to experience.

Fresno is home to one of the most incredible and unforgettable underground attractions you’ll ever see, but it’s also home to the exciting Tower District neighborhood, with tons of dining, shopping, nightlife, and cultural happenings that are quintessentially Californian. Beautiful and stunning mountain-view vistas are a nature lover’s dream, with well-maintained trails that go for miles through this rich, bountiful region.

Being the up-and-coming destination it is, RV rentals in Fresno are growing. You’ll have no problems finding well-appointed RV campgrounds with great amenities, like free WiFi, modern showers, swimming pools, and more. An RV trip is one of the best ways to see all that Fresno has to offer.

Popular RV Destinations in Fresno

Forestiere Underground Gardens

One thing to do in Fresno that you can’t see anywhere else is the hidden and staggering Forestiere Underground Gardens. The gardens are a vast network of subterranean chambers, grottos, and tunnels that weave their way underground for 10 acres. It’s the brainchild and handiwork of Baldassare Forestiere, a Sicilian immigrant who built the entire thing between 1906-1946 using only picks, shovels, and other hand tools.

This architectural marvel is a catacomb-like compound that offers a cool respite from the searing California summer temperatures. Unlike many underground caverns, the gardens are not a dank, dark, creepy scene, but thanks to the plethora of open-air skylights the gardens are home to thriving grapevines and fruit trees. It’s an exercise in dichotomy; some of the best produce in the region grows here.

Seeing the gardens first-hand, you’ll marvel at what a huge feat of vision and strength it must have taken to dig down through 3-5 feet of sedimentary rock by hand to construct a never-before-seen underground wonderland. Just be aware before you go that the gardens are closed between late December through early March each year.

Fresno County Blossom Trail

From mid-February to mid-March, you can witness one of the lushest and vibrant examples of spring in bloom in the entire country, and during the warm summer months, you can sample all the delicious fruits that those blossoms yield. The Fresno County Blossom Trail is an incredible 62-mile trail that welcomes motorists, cyclists, motorcycle riders, and walkers to get lost in the indescribable scents and colors of thousands upon thousands of blooming trees and plants.

You will be able to see California’s state flower, the California poppy, as well as Baby Blue Eyes, Field Mustard, as well as citrus, apple, peach, apricot, almond, plum, nectarine blossoms, and much more. You’ll also want to check out some of the amazing stops along the trail, including many well-stocked farm stores, and scenic wineries. Round out your trip with a ride on the Wahtoke Railroad or the Blossom Bus Tour. 

The Tower District

The famous Fresno Tower District is the city’s main hub for nightlife, arts, culinary, and festival happenings. It’s a luminous, nostalgic, neon-lit, art deco masterpiece that was popularized in the 1930s, thanks to the city’s burgeoning streetcar access. The area centers around the national historic landmark, the Tower Theatre for the Performing Arts, which was designed by S. Charles Lee, the same architect to envision many of the most famous theaters in Hollywood.

Needless to say, there’s no shortage of live theater, concerts, and productions happening here. The neighborhood also plays host to a large number of art galleries, vintage record stores and clothing shops, and top-notch restaurants. The best time to check this place out is after dark when all the lights transform the neighborhood into a scene from a classic film. 

Speaking of which, the Tower District hosts several much-anticipated and entertaining festivals throughout the year, including the city’s annual fringe festival, the Rogue Festival, as well as the Fresno Film Festival, and the annual Mardi Gras parade. It’s a must-see, for sure.

Fresno Art Museum

The Fresno Art Museum was conceptualized in the 1940s by a group of local artists who wanted a centralized facility in which to exhibit and critique each other’s work. After years of planning, the Fresno Arts Center building was dedicated and opened to the public. It’s been a hub for art exhibitions and educational programs, including art classes, workshops, and artist talks ever since.

Renamed the Fresno Art Museum in 1988, the museum houses an extensive permanent collection of renowned artwork that includes over 3,600 pieces. The main focus of these permanent collections are modern and contemporary pieces from the 20th and 21st centuries; this isn’t your typical stuffy, dated art museum. You’ll be enthralled by works from Ansel Adams, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Diego Rivera, Andy Warhol, and many others, even some pieces from Norman Rockwell.

Many exhibits showcase the visual arts traditions from the ethnically diverse groups within the San Joaquin Valley, as well as the many internationally recognized female artists that are honored each year with a Distinguished Woman Artist Award and exhibition as chosen by the museum’s Council of 100.

Fresno Chaffee Zoo

For travelers with kids, the Fresno Chaffee Zoo is always a big hit. Opened in 1907, some of the first animals to be residents of the zoo were unwanted pets that were donated and housed in makeshift cages. Formerly known as the Roeding Park Zoo, the facility started to hit its stride in 1947, when Eldon “Curly” Blocker was hired from the San Diego Zoo to serve as the zoo’s first foreman. 

The zoo has enjoyed steady growth and improvement ever since and now houses more than 200 species of animals. Enjoy fun activities like the Stingray Bay touch tank, giraffe feeding, the Winged Wonders Bird Show, Roo Walkabout, and more. All good trips to the zoo should include a stop at the Safari Cafe or Kopje Lodge for lunch or a snack, and of course, a final stop at the gift shop for your favorite zoo-related souvenir.

Woodward Park

Fresno’s Woodward Park is a vast expanse of nature that offers something for everyone, including a beautiful and serene place to exercise, reconnect with nature, or take part in the numerous cultural events that happen here each year. This 300-acre urban oasis runs along the southern bank of the San Joaquin River and much of the parkland was privately owned by Ralph Woodward, the son of an early Fresno civic leader and banker, Oscar James Woodward.

Go to the park for a fun and relaxed picnic or barbecue, jog along the well-maintained cross-country running trails, enjoy birdwatching, or play a competitive round of disc golf on the Woodward Legacy Disc Golf Course. You can also test your skills at the park’s BMX course and the Mountain Bike Skills Progression Park, or head to a concert at the 3,500-seat Rotary Amphitheater that hosts an eclectic and varied lineup of musicians and performers. Don’t forget to stop by the park’s most exotic destination, the Shinzen Japanese Garden, which is a serene retreat that features beautiful Japanese horticulture, an authentic tea house built from Japanese red cedar, and a pond filled with brilliantly hued Koi.

Events and Entertainment in Fresno

Rogue Festival

The Rogue Festival is held in March at the Spectrum Gallery and is one of several “Fringe Festivals” in the world in which independent performers and artists are granted the privilege of performing at the event through a lottery application. This evens the playing field, so to speak, and allows some otherwise lesser-known or obscure artists the opportunity to showcase their talents, which are often widely varied, uncommon, or surprising. This is one of the more unique festivals in the county.

Offerings over the festival’s nine-day span include music, dance, theatrical plays, puppetry, acrobatic performances, magic acts, and much more. Whether you’re an artsy individual or not, there’s guaranteed to be some awe-inspiring or comfort zone-stretching performance that you will never forget.

Grizzly Fest

Coined “the Coachella of Fresno”, the Grizzly Fest is a multi-genre music festival that takes place in either March or April over three stage platforms. You can get a taste of almost every musical style, from Indie, Hip Hop, and Reggae, to Pop, Electronica, Dance, and much more. Both days are jam-packed with back-to-back performances from local and international artists.

The festival isn’t just all about the music, either. It also features plenty of carnival rides, art exhibits, and culinary delights to satisfy just about any craving. You can also purchase VIP tickets and enjoy exclusive access to the elevated Platinum Grizzly VIP Viewing Suite, seats in shaded areas on the SkyDeck, all-inclusive beer, wine, and cocktails, and more to create a festival experience to remember for a lifetime.

Fresno Greek Fest

As you can probably guess, the Fresno Greek Fest celebrates all things Greek from history and traditions to food, dancing, entertainment, crafts, art, and more. Held in August each year since 1924, the Fresno Greek Fest draws upwards of 25,000 people to celebrate one of the largest Greek heritages and cultures in California. The three-day event will captivate your senses with an abundance of tastes, sights, and sounds from Greece.

The festival features more than 30 Greek vendors that offer all your favorite Greek foods, including gyros, souvlaki, Haloumi, Greek coffee, ice cream, fried calamari, and much, much more. Be sure to try the moussaka, spanakopita, Greek salad, pastichio, and tiropita too. There’s also a full Grecian-style tavern that serves up Greek wine, frappes, microbrewed craft beer, and coffee. 

Of course, there’s plenty of shopping, children’s activities, and lots of Greek music and dancing to round out your festival experience. 

The Big Fresno Fair

Aptly named, the Big Fresno Fair is exactly that. It’s the largest annual event in town as far as visitors and size. The fair’s facility spans 165 acres of real estate that becomes filled with booths, carnival rides, livestock stalls, stage platforms, and many more. There is a plethora of livestock shows, live horse racing, fun exhibits, music and entertainment, and educational programs to check out.

Held in October each year, the fair festivities go on for two weeks and are jam-packed with concerts by big-name entertainers and bands, performances by local dance troupes, marching bands, and more. What would a fair be without the quintessential fair foods? You could spend days sampling all the delicious offerings from the fair’s varied food vendors while you stroll through all the agricultural exhibits, choose your favorite locally made craft or jewelry piece, or watch the local livestock judging and shows.

Fresno Film Festival

Held each November at the famed Tower Theatre, the Fresno Film Festival has become a community staple since its inception in 2002. The weekend’s long event comprises a series of film screenings and related happenings, many of which can be attended at no charge, or for a very reasonable admission fee. You can enjoy films produced by local award-winning filmmakers, and by international up-and-coming producers.

The Film Festival founders valued cinema as an essential component of lifelong learning and enjoyment, and as such, the festival offers exclusive programs, tips and tricks, and Q&A sessions for aspiring filmmakers throughout its three days. Get an insider’s look at the independent film industry, or just pick and choose your favorite films to watch and enjoy.


Q: What are RV rentals?

RV rentals work much like any other vehicle rentals. You pay a daily or weekly rate. You can expect these rates to fluctuate based on the time of year and the geographic location that you're renting. Naturally, rates tend to increase during peak season. You can get an RV for a certain period and enjoy all its benefits while traveling without the hassles and large cost of owning your RV. It’s also a great way to try out some different RV models if you’re considering purchasing your own.

Q: How much are RV rentals?

RV rentals in Fresno can range between $75 and $150 per night for most small to moderately sized trailers and campervans. Larger RVs and travel trailers can cost from $100 to $250 per night, depending on the season and the RV’s year, make, and model. Some companies offer a discount if you rent for longer than a week.

Q: Do I need to be a certain age to rent an RV in Fresno?

While most states require you to be at least 25 years old to rent an RV, the legal age to rent one in California is 21. This may not be the policy of your RV rental agency, however. Most companies require you to be at least 25 to rent.

Q: Do I need insurance when I rent an RV?

Yes, you'll need insurance to rent an RV in Fresno. It's meant to cover the vehicle in case of an accident and is mandatory in most states. Most rental companies will have RV-specific insurance that you can purchase.

Q: Do I need to return my rental RV with a full tank?

This policy varies among rental agencies, but most RV rental facilities in Fresno will expect you to return the vehicle with a full tank of gas. At the very least, the fuel should be at the same level as when you picked up the vehicle. 

Q: Are RVs pet-friendly in Fresno?

Many RV and camper rentals in Fresno are pet-friendly, and there are even vehicles specially designed for accommodating animals. Still, it’s important to double-check the policy with your chosen rental agency before renting a particular vehicle.