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Bakersfield, California RV Rentals

Situated north of Los Angeles along the banks of the sparkling, fast-moving Kern River, Bakersfield is a gem of a city that takes you out of California’s urban sprawl and introduces you to a totally different side of California. 

It’s the perfect place to head if you’re renting an RV and hitting the open road, as you can explore beautiful flora and fauna, travel over winding trails, and even step into the Sequoia National Forest if you’d like. 

Whether you’re looking to spend a long weekend outdoors or want to explore the stunning sights of Kern County, Bakersfield is your gateway to a great RV camping experience. And there’s plenty to do, see, and visit within Bakersfield’s city limits and surrounding areas. With RV rentals in Bakersfield, you can head out and have all the comforts of home along for the ride.

Popular RV Destinations in Bakersfield

Kern Canyon

Kern Canyon is located in the wilderness that sits right within Bakersfield’s city limits. And while the Kern River is a huge draw for tourists and locals, you’ll want to make sure to head to Kern Canyon, too. It’s an actual canyon that was carved out by the Kern River over many years, and it connects the Southern San Joaquin Valley to the Kern River Valley.

Within Kern Canyon, you’ll find gorgeous scenery and stunning views. Considered “California’s best-kept secret” by many, it’s the perfect place for RV campers to park for a night or two. And you can enjoy all kinds of activities along the brown hills and stunning landscape, including hiking, fishing, and more.

Kern River Parkway Trail

If you want to get up close to see Bakersfield’s best-known natural wonder, head to the Kern River Parkway Trail. This pedestrian trail winds along the banks of the Kern River and its paved surface covers over 20 miles. Whether you walk, jog, or stop to take in the views along this trail, you’ll be able to see some seriously impressive views of the river and its surrounding natural lands.

The Kern River Parkway Trail is also a perfect opportunity to see Bakersfield and all of its natural outdoor attractions. This single trail connects to many of the city’s best spots, including Hart Park, Riverwalk Park, and even the heart of the city. You can cover it all at once or split it up day by day.

Sequoia National Forest

One of the most awe-inspiring sights you can see in all of California is the state’s tall and stunning sequoia trees — and if you’re renting an RV in Bakersfield, it’s just a short drive into the Sequoia National Forest. Within this forest, which is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, you’ll wind through enchanting scenery, pass scenic rivers, and discover canyons carved by glaciers. And there are 30 acres of incredible sequoias to see too.

Within the Sequoia National Forest, you can camp at one of the many campsites or RV parks and spend your nights and days under some seriously impressive stars. You can easily explore all of the natural wonders within, following backpacking or hiking trails like the famed Pacific Crest Trail. There’s even plenty of opportunity to adventure, with whitewater rafting and kayaking available along various rivers. 

Kern River County Park

Here’s another great way to get up close to the city of Bakersfield’s best attractions: Kern River County Park. This expansive outdoor area is more than just a park along the Kern River; it’s also home to a wealth of different attractions, including a scenic campground that’s perfect for RV rentals and campers who want to stay in the center of the city.

At Kern River County Park, you can check out the California Living Museum (CALM), which is home to injured and non-releasable native California Animals and cool hands-on nature experiences with black bears, bighorn sheep, and birds. Lake Ming is also within the park, and this man-made lake is designed for recreation and fun. You can even camp right on its shores at the Kern River campground, which offers spots just for RVs. 

Panorama Vista Preserve

If you’re hoping to get in some hiking or biking on your trip to Bakersfield, the Panorama Vista Preserve is a can’t-miss spot you’ll want to visit. This impressive preserve spans over 900 acres — it’s so big it even stretches across both sides of the Kern River. Located just north of Bakersfield’s downtown area, you’ll find this wide-open space along a riparian corridor.

Filled with lush, forest landscape, the Panorama Vista Preserve features low-impact trails that welcome hiking, biking, and even horseback riding. You can explore the area on your own or within a guided group, seeing hidden gems within the city backdrop of Bakersfield.

Hart Park

Hart Park — or Hart Memorial Park, its official name — has been one of the coolest spots in the city since 1929. Set right in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains with the Kern River flowing nearby, this public park stretches 370 acres and offers a wealth of fun. It’s an ideal place for anyone who enjoys fishing, as it’s home to two fishing lakes stocked with catches like rainbow trout, bluegill, and bass. 

At Hart Park, you’ll find paved walking trails, playgrounds, and even two disc golf courses. It’s a great place to spend a day out on the water or lounging outdoors, and it’s close enough to plenty of campgrounds for RV drivers to take a quick trip to.

Events and Entertainment in Bakersfield

Lightning in a Bottle

One of the coolest and most exciting events in Bakersfield each year is Lightning in a Bottle. This one-of-a-kind music festival is eclectic and awesome, impressive and different. It takes place over three different stages or components — the main stage, Lightning; the waterfront stage, Thunder; and the Grand Artique, a unique combination stage.

During the Lightning in a Bottle Festival, you can witness new genres of music and discover entirely different sounds and acts. The Thunder stage offers earth-shaking music combined with awesome projection mapping visuals. And Grand Artique brings together live music with performances and unpredictable surprises that never underwhelm.

The Macaroni and Cheese Festival

Each year, the Macaroni and Cheese Festival arrives in Bakersfield — and year after year, it gets bigger and better. Meant to be a celebration of America’s favorite cheesy food, this festival presents different mac and cheese bites and recipes from Bakersfield’s best chefs. Visitors can sample these mac and cheese dishes and indulge in all the cheesy goodness they’d like.

In addition to macaroni and cheese, the Macaroni and Cheese Festival also allows guests to try out beer, wine, and spiked seltzers from local restaurants and bars. Live music, a gaming zone, and photo booths all add to the fun. And recently, the Golden Grilled Cheese introduced another cheesy food into the festival’s mix.

Bakersfield Bacon and Craft Beer Festival

If you love bacon or beer, you’re going to want to make sure you’re in Bakersfield during November — that’s when the Bakersfield Bacon and Craft Beer Festival is in town, and it’s the perfect opportunity to indulge in either one of these treats. This one-day festival celebrates bacon and local craft beer from surrounding breweries, serving up over 25 different food vendors and unlimited free samples of bacon dishes.

During the Bakersfield Bacon and Craft Beer Festival, you can eat as much as you’d like and try out more than 100 different beers. In fact, beer samples are unlimited too, so you can try California’s best craft beer until you’ve had your fill. All of the funds raised go to local nonprofits too.


Did you know that cherries grow in Bakersfield every year? They grow throughout Kern County, and they’re celebrated each year during the Murray Family Farm’s Cherry Festival. Held each spring at the start of cherry season, this event allows you to try local cherries varieties like the Wonderful GG1, the Original Brooks, and the Royal Rainier. You can join the fun at Murray Family Farm, a cool destination and working farm right within Bakersfield.

During CherryFest, you can check out a special Cal-Okie Menu of tasty cherry foods, all of which are made from freshly picked cherries off the farm. There are games, prizes, and fun events like a cherry pie eating contest and a cherry pit spitting contest. It’s different, but if you love cherries, you’re guaranteed to have a good time.


If you’re looking for a party, you can’t miss VillageFest. Nicknamed “The Original Party of the Year,” this annual Bakersfield event brings together food, live music, and some really cool experiences all in one festival. It celebrates local food, beer, and wine, giving locals and out-of-town visitors the chance to party and try some special items.

With a single ticket, you can try unlimited food samples from 230 of Bakersfield’s best restaurants. You can take in the shows and live music offered on five stages, and there’s plenty of time to try samples from the 60 breweries, 25 wineries, and six different themed areas. Whether you’re coming for the food, the drinks, or the environment, VillageFest is always a thrill.


What are RV Rentals?

An RV rental gives you the chance to temporarily own an RV — without having to pay the very high costs of actual ownership. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars to invest in an RV of your own, for a few hundred dollars you can essentially borrow one for as long as you’d like. You can rent an RV and drive anywhere you’d like, camping in and around Bakersfield for a weekend, a week, or longer. When your trip is over, you can return the RV and forget about maintenance, care, and other responsibilities involved in owning a motorhome.

Q: How Much are RV Rentals?

The cost of renting an RV will depend on a few different factors. The time of year, the company you’re renting from, and the length of your rental will all affect the amount you pay. However, you can expect to spend between $75 and $125 per night to rent a camper van or trailer and between $150 and $250 per night for a motorhome or large RV. These costs can be cheaper if you rent for a week or longer — often, rental companies will lower your per-night rate if you’re sticking around.

Q: Do I need to be a certain age to rent an RV in Bakersfield?

RV rental companies will typically only rent to individuals who are 25 years old or older. It’s the same as renting any other vehicle. However, for a higher cost or increased fees, you may find that some Bakersfield RV rental companies do allow individuals who are as young as 21 years old to rent.

Q: Do I need insurance when I rent an RV?

You will definitely need insurance in order to rent and drive an RV. However, most of the time, your basic auto insurance policy won’t cover you — you’ll need extra coverage just to operate an RV. Check to see if your current insurance does cover you. If it doesn’t, you can easily purchase the insurance you need just for the length of your RV rental from the rental company.

Q: Do I need to return my rental RV with a full tank?

It’s very likely that you’ll need to bring your rented RV back to the lot with a full tank of gas. However, the return policy is different from company to company. Check the specifics of your contract or ask the staff when you’re picking up your RV — some companies will simply need you to fill the tank, but you may be fine returning the motorhome with the same amount of gas it had when you drove it off the lot. You can often also opt to have the rental company refuel for you, though this does come with an added cost.

Q: Are RVs pet-friendly in Bakersfield?

This depends on where you rent your RV from in Bakersfield. Some rental companies will welcome pets, but others may not allow any animals inside their RVs. Ask the rental company you’re considering if you can bring along your furry friend. It may be as simple as paying a pet deposit or a little extra per night to include your pet on your RV travels through Bakersfield.