Leh Keen Delivers Your Christmas Tree Atop A Safari 911

Santa traded in his sleigh for an off-road 911. Ho Ho Ho, here’s your tree. BRAAAAP!

byBradley Brownell| PUBLISHED Dec 16, 2016 3:05 AM
Leh Keen Delivers Your Christmas Tree Atop A Safari 911

Set to festive Christmas carols, this Leh Keen video will be on repeat at your next family gathering this holiday season. Famous for being a first rate championship winning racing driver, and later for building some first rate off-roading 911s, Leh Keen is not known for sitting back and watching the world go by. He's always involved in something fun, and lately that means creating video shorts for instagram involving his self-described "Safari 911". With a ducktail, mud flaps, a few spare inches of suspension travel, push bars, and a full rack of bright rally lights, this 911 is certainly built to deliver the business, making it the perfect candidate for delivering your Christmas tree. Even if you live in the most remote parts of the country, Leh and his red beast can get to you. Not many people would strap an evergreen to the roof of their P-car and don a Santa outfit for our entertainment, but this December, Leh Keen is the hero we deserve. 

With "SWT JMPS" on the license plate, I'm a little disappointed the video didn't show him getting some air under the wheels, but it was still pretty frickin' sweet. Get your holiday cheer on, and make sure it's accented with aircooled flat-six off-road shenanigans!