Pure 917 Audio, Ride Along Inside Bruce Canepa’s Gulf 917!

A recent episode of the Marshall Pruett podcast is set entirely inside Bruce Canepa’s Daytona-winning 917K, as he laps Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Crank it up!

byBradley Brownell|
Porsche News photo


I would wager that there is no vintage racer that knows Laguna Seca better than Bruce Canepa. Every year when I attend the Monterey Motorsport Reunion in August, Bruce is out there tearing it up in a number of cars, usually different ones every year. Two constants, however, are his Porsche 935 that he's had since new, and his Gulf-liveried 917K. Earlier this year, motorsport journalist and photographer extraordinaire, Mr. Marshall Pruett, managed to capture this audio file from inside Bruce's 917 as it lapped the track, as well as a second audio track of the car warming up. It's five liters of air-cooled flat-twelve fury, and it's right behind your head. Make sure you're wearing a good set of headphones and turn them up, you'll not regret it. The gear whine, the exhaust roar, the pure sound of being in the whirlwind of a vintage prototype race at Mazda Raceway. If you close your eyes and allow yourself to be taken back that far, you might just imagine it's 1971 and you're Pedro Rodriguez or Leo Kinnunen. 

This particular car, 917-015, is as-run at Daytona in 1970. There is a little window above the windshield that was used to see "up" the track on the banking at Daytona. This is a very interesting and integral part of Porsche's history. Listen along to feel like you're a part of it. 

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