Vintage Porsche Rally Sounds Are The Greatest Sounds

When you race in a tarmac rally with a vintage RSR-style long-hood, you win at life.

YouTube / McRallye

This short video from McRallye is definitely worth putting on full-screen, turning up the volume, and sitting back for a few minutes of relaxation watching longhood 911s boom their way through the forest in a vintage rally. Porsche 911s were never figured to be much good at circuit racing in the mid-1960s, and as such Porsche mostly saw them campaigned as rallying cars (even winning the Rally Monte Carlo). Porsche's 911 rally history continued basically unencumbered through to the present day. The cars featured in this video appear to be from the early 1970s era of Porsche's racing past, with RSR-style fender flares and high-revving small-bore flat-sixes. 

Really, though, you deserve this break from your day to hear the fantastic notes an early Porsche rally car is capable of. Also, check out those slip angles an early Porsche rally car is capable of. Surreal.